Life’s Too Short…

Life is too short …


…to have anything but delusional notions about yourself. – Gene Simmons

OK, Why Then?

Recently I saw this posted on Facebook.


And it made me wonder…if you want him to change, why are you with him in the first place?

Just sayin’.



I stopped listening to the news in the car when the Malaysian plane “went missing”.

I switched to Sirius XM Symphony.

I’m a lot happier when I get to work.

Sometimes, a favorite comes on, and I drive around the block a few times just so I can listen to the entire piece.

On November 22, 1928, Ravel’s Boléro was performed for the first time in Paris.

France, not Kentucky.

A ballet, inspired by Russian dance Ida Rubinstein, Boléro was written by Maurice Ravel.

Ida Rubinstein

The piece has been used in television, video games, Anime, the Olympics, and movies.  In the movie 10, Bo Derek asks the question, “Have you ever done it to Bolero?”

A selection of the music was used in the following sex scene causing sales to sky-rocket.

Torvill and Dean, ice-dancers skated their way to gold to Boléro at the 1984 Sarajevo Games, wowing the crowd, breaking records, and scoring the highest score ever under the old scoring system.

Considered one of the sexiest pieces of music ever, Boléro has tamed hearts, incited affairs, and mesmerized millions.

You can start your Saturday off with it if you’d like…

I hope your Saturday is as happy as the conductor of the Wiener Philharmonic seems to be!

In The Spirit Of Thanksgiving…

…things I’m thankful for…

…I’m not Bill Cosby

…I don’t live in Ferguson, MO

…I don’t live in Buffalo, NY

…I’m not The President

…I’ve never met an ISIS member

…It’s Friday!

Have a great one!