Today is Little Eva’s birthday.

Carole King may have written it, but we all remember Little Eva’s version.

Little Eva

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear this North Carolina girl sing this one, it takes me back.

Way back!

Don’t Try This At Home.

Now, y’all know I hate saying anything bad, but there are just some times ya’ gotta’ do it.

OK, stop laughing and read on.

During my intermittent cable service this weekend – don’t get me started on Comcast – I was watching Valerie Bertinelli’s show, and she baked a cake.

I had a soirée to attend on Sunday, so I thought I’d not go empty handed and whip one UP as it looked fairly easy.

It’s called Sicilian Love Cake, it looked yummy, and like I said UP there, it looked easy.

Easy it was.

Pretty it was.

Italian Love Cake

Yummy, not so much.

Again, not wanting to trash Valerie, and who could, just look at that smile!


We all loved her on One Day At A Time, Hot in Cleveland, and her cooking show, so I really can’t blame her, It had to be me.

Here’s the link to the recipe if you’re brave enough.


Now I don’t know what possessed me to think a cake filled with ricotta and mascarpone cheese would be good, but it was 101 degrees out yesterday, the power kept going on and off, and I may have been delirious.

You might like it, my neighbors did, but I don’t know.

Really, don’t try this at home!

Words Matter

Just a quick rant this Monday morning!

While cooling off in the A/C this hot and steamy weekend, I watched more CNN than I should have.

What with Hilldog, The Donald, and BREXIT, there was much to hear about.

There’s just too much hemming and hawing on the news these days.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, and obviously it’s a hot button, but er, um, ah, and eh are NOT words.

Stop it.

There is one contributor, Nia something-something – because no newscaster can be taken seriously without two last names –  is the number one offender.

I’d actually gotten used to it, excused her nervous habit or use of a bad inhaler as she gasps for breath between each word, but when she said, “…they are waiting for the Calvary to arrive…” I felt I must say something.

So, Nia, they weren’t waiting on Calvary, they were waiting on the cavalry.

Calvary is the place where Jesus gave His life to pay for the sins of the world.  Cavalry is an army on horseback – or in today’s world tanks and jeeps and such.

Please stop this.

Have a great Monday!

Well, Will You?

Today’s the day!


Inside I still feel like this…

ME in 1964

ME in 1964