I Wouldn’t Want You To Miss It!

Kim Kardashian turns 34 today!

Kim without makeup

Really, go out and celebrate!

Ebola, Shemola!

There are things that scare me more than the Ebola virus.

Take for instance, Christmas is only 66 days away!

Influenza is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. and almost completely preventable.  All you have to do is get a flu shot, but thousands of people join the anti vaccine movement every day!

44,000 deaths in the United States are attributed to binge drinking.  College anyone?

350,000 women die annually from or during childbirth world wide.

1.6 million EACH YEAR die from AIDS.

The National Institute of Health spent $2.4 million on a new condom design, and yet its director, Dr. Francis Collins complained that a lack of funding caused the agency’s failure to produce an Ebola vaccine in time to combat the recent outbreak!!

Which poses the question, “Why do we need a new condom design?”

Question Mark

Have things changed?  Did I miss a memo?



Obeying The Doctor…

…is something I rarely do.

However, my niece, Mackenzie IS a doctor, and she feverishly worked to convince me to get a flu shot.

So I did.

Flu shot

Now, when can I get my Ebola shot?

Before There Was iPod…

…there was the Transistor Radio.

It made its debut on October 18, 1954.

I was 2.

I didn’t get one that year.

However, when I was 10 or so, I did get a transistor radio for Christmas or a birthday or some such.

It looked a lot like this one.

Transistor Radio

It even had a “real” leatherette case!

Nothing fake for this kid.

I don’t remember the brand, but it was powder blue with a silver front and it came with an ear-phone.

That’s what we called headsets back in the day.

The greatest thing about it was that I could listen to Diana, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and all the other artists while Dad listened to the news or a race or a sermon on the car radio.

It changed vacations for ever! The 9 hour trip from Ohio to Virginia was much improved, well, at least when you could get a station.

We listened to Country, Rock and Roll, and kept UP with the news along the way.

The transistor was invented by Bell Labs and announced in 1947.  It changed the world.

The transistor radio changed the lives of teens world wide.

Suddenly, we were able to escape the fuddy-duddy world of our parents, hear new music, new ideas, and just “chill”.

That little blue box in the leatherette case was a 10 year old boys new best friend!

Do you remember your first transistor radio?

Do you still have it?

I wish I did!