Ahoy Matey!

Honestly, we will celebrate anything! Today is “National Talk Like a Pirate Day.”

The day is a parodic holiday and was thought UP by John Bauer aka O’l Chumbucket and Mark Summers aka Cap’n Slappy.

The two friends from Oregon proclaimed September 19 as Talk Like a Pirate Day in 1996, and encourage everyone to say Ahoy, matey instead of Hello.

Summers and Bauer

Apparently the holiday came into being when Summers and Bauer were playing racquetball and one of them was injured.

Instead of yelling “Ouch!”, “Oh Crikey”, or “Damn, that hurt!” he yelled “Aaarrr!” and the seed was planted.

It was a joke between two friends that mushroomed around the country when Miami Columnist Dave Barry started promoting it in 2002.

It is based on an erroneous theory that there really was a Golden Age of Piracy.

It’s fun, it’s silly, and it’s Okay, but Johnny Depp aside, most of the pirates weren’t all that cool!

In reality then and today, piracy was and is a crime, they were brutal thugs who valued life little and plunder greatly.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, have fun with it, but you might want to do a little research!

I’ll not spoil all the fun by filling you in today.

Getting To Know Me! *

I shared this meme on the Facebook pages of my sister-in-law and my niece-in-law (her daughter-in-law…you know how important proper relationship placement is to me.)

I’ll admit it was one of the less controversial posts of the week on my page.

Really there wasn’t so much stirring the pot with this one.

But, it did get me thinking.

That may be true for many or even most people, but I like to think my library is so diverse that one would think I possess multiple personalities…OK, some already do…or the house is full of avid readers.

It is not.

My library ranges from Austen to Zola, as in Emile Zola, not my sister Zola.

Or Aussa’s dog for that matter.

But, I digress.

Reading is important.  I have the attention span of a gnat, and I read several books at a time, picking them UP and putting them down when I feel the need to move on, or see a shiny object, or a squirrel.

I read classics, I read non-fiction, tons of history, even more historical fiction, and there are biographies on every shelf.

And yes, there are more volumes on the American Civil Conflict in my library than any ten people I know.

There are books in every room, books by my chair, books by the bed; they make me happy.

As sure as I am that they all say a little something about me, I’m not so sure perusing the book shelves in my home will fill you in on who I really am.

That would take a conversation.

Or two.

Or, who knows, maybe the books do tell my story.

Have a great Monday.


*my apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein.

The God Stuff

On a recent post, a reader commented, “What’s with all the God stuff?”

Though I’m quite sure it’s totally UNPC, I feel I must explain.

The post was about our first night in Germantown way back in 1957.  It was also about our family’s relationship to another family, my Dad’s calling, his vocation, and his move.

So, just so you’ll know.

I DO believe in God.

I cut my teeth on it.

One God – only, The LORD God Almighty.

I believe He is the Creator, Heavenly Father, and the Savior of mankind.

I believe in a fiat creation.  As in, God spoke the worlds into existence.  I believe He did it in six days, although, I’m willing to admit a day to Him could most possibly be totally different than a day to us.

I believe He created man in His image.

God creating Adam

I believe He created Eve from Adam’s side.

I believe man fell from Grace because of his sin, and as the Church Lady says, “Sa-TAN!”

I believe the Christian Bible IS the WORD of God, and does not just contain the Word of God.

I believe in the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I believe that Jesus Christ is, was, and always will be God…Christians call it the Trinity, as in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

I believe Jesus Christ was both God and man at the same time.

I believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.

I believe salvation is through Grace, not because of any ‘works’ one does.

I believe He saves  people from their sin if they ask Him to do so.

And I believe He is coming back to Earth again.

Just thought you might want to know, that’s why the God stuff is so important.

We Have A Winner!!!

We haven’t had an Ass of the Week in a while and I’m sure you’ll all agree that Irma deserves the honor!




Irma raced across the Caribbean, slammed the Florida Keys, and sashayed UP the Florida’s West Coast and did her dirty deeds all they way to Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Yes, Irma, you’re the skankiest of skanks!

And you’re the Ass of the Week!

November can’t get here soon enough!