Flashback Friday


Paul David Easter 1954 Kerrs Creek, VA

Dapper even then!

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It Could Happen

And in reality, it actually did.

With all the hoopla yesterday over George, Prince of Cambridge’s first birthday, many people were talking about what is in store for the boy, and what his reign would be like.

Seemingly, King George VII is along way off; QE II, The Prince of Wales, and The Duke of Cambridge all have to have their turns before the boy takes the throne.

But, there have been child kings, and one not so far from London.

King James VI of Scotland, later King James I of England was one year old when he took the throne.

The Scots were sorely displeased with his Mummy, Mary Queen of Scots.

Mary led a sordid life, one filled with intrigue, scandal, trickery, and murder.

Mary and her son James

Sometime around April 23, 1567, Mary visited her son at his palace, Stirling, for the last time in her life.

On her way home to Edinburgh on April 24 , Mary was abducted, willingly or not, by Lord Bothwell and his men and taken to Dunbar Castle, where all kinds of shenanigans took place, possibly even a rape!

Lord Bothwell

Around May 6, Mary and Bothwell (the possible rapist) returned to Edinburgh and on May 15, at Holyrood, they were married according to newly minted Protestant marriage service, which was odd as Mary was a Catholic and the widow of the very Catholic and late King of France, Francis II.

Luckily for the couple, Bothwell and his first wife, Jean Gordon,  had divorced twelve days earlier.

The new divorcee was the sister of Lord Huntly, the Lord Chancellor.

The blushing, twice married and twice widowed bride believed that many nobles supported her marriage, but things soon turned sour between the newly promoted Bothwell, he’d just been created Duke of Orkney and consort of the Queen, and his former peers.

The marriage proved to be more than slightly unpopular. Catholics considered the marriage unlawful, since they did not recognize Bothwell’s divorce or anything to do with a Protestant service for that matter.

The Reformation was a long bitter battle, lots of people died.

And to top it off, both Protestants and Catholics were shocked that Mary should marry the man accused of murdering her husband.

Yeah, did I mention that?

Bothwell, fresh from his divorce had “offed” Mary’s betrothed, the Late Lord Darnley, father of her son James.

Off to a rocky start, the marriage was tempestuous, and Mary became despondent.

Twenty-six Scottish peers, known as the confederate lords, turned against Mary and Bothwell, raising an army against them. Mary and Bothwell confronted the lords at Carberry Hill on 15 June.

There was no battle.

Mary’s forces dwindled away through desertion during negotiations.  Bothwell was given safe passage from the field, and the lords took Mary to Edinburgh, where crowds of spectators denounced her as an adulteress and murderer.

Really, the mud was flung!

The following night, she was imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle, on an island in the middle of Loch Leven, which is why, I’m guessing, it is called Loch Leven Castle.

Between July 20 and 23 , Mary miscarried twins. On July 24, she was forced to abdicate in favor of her one-year-old son James. The Earl of Moray, Mary’s illegitimate half-brother, was made regent, and Bothwell was driven into exile. He was imprisoned in Denmark, became insane and died in 1578.

And we all know how Mary’s story ended.

So, it could happen…

King James as a boy

…George, the boy king! Because it did 487 years ago today.

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I’ll admit it, I take those buzz-feed test all the time.

But I rarely post the results on Facebook.

“Why?”, you ask.

Well, they are usually wrong.

Or, at least I hope they are.

One told me I had a Maine accent.


I don’t have an accent, y’all do.

One says I was a philosopher in a past life.

A. I don’t believe in past lives, and B. NO.

One says my “color” is yellow.

I hate yellow.

I’m a blue person.

And, for some reason, no matter how many times I take it, and how I answer the questions, I’m supposed to play Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s play!

OK, at this age, I’m developing the boobs for it, but you can bet your asp, the beard would get in the way!

And, my parents were nothing like Samuel L. Jackson and Ellen DeGeneres.

And, if I were in an Archie comic, I’d be Jughead, not Veronica!

One says I’m 78% open-minded.

Frankly, that’s too high.


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Boy George

Prince George of Cambridge turns one year old today.

I am soooo dropping a load on his lap!

Great Britain is making quite a fuss, but the family wants to keep it a simple affair.

Yeah right.

With that family, nothing is simple.

Security, cameras, guards, Hail to the Queen, all that bowing and scraping, really, noting at all is simple.

But, alas, a year had flown by, and the third in line for the throne is walking, travelling the world, winning best dressed awards, and capturing England’s hearts.

Mum and Dad, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will spend a quite evening at home with the little prince along with the grands, aunts and uncles and such.

Here’s a preview.

All I have to do is knock off the old lady, gramps, and pops and it's all mine.


It’s sure to be a hoopla!

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