Wordless Wednesday…


Worst job in the world?

…And While I’m At It…

We spend way more time worrying about who will spend four to eight years here…

white House

…than we do about who IS spending a lifetime here…

US Capitol

Patrick Leahy and Chuck Grassley have been in Congress for 40+ years.

Charles Rangel, 44, Don Young, 42.

Orrin Hatch and Barbara Milkulski, 38+.

Senator Milkulski’s staff was paid $2,434,151 in 2014.

This election time, we need to pay attention to the house and senate as well as the White House.

There are more than 50 in the building with more than 30 years.

John Conyers of Michigan as been there since I was 13!

That’s 50 years folks.

How does your state stand UP?

Don’t Stop Me If…

…I’ve told you this before.

But, I despise everyone running for President.

All of them!

But, even more than that, I despise the fact the one of them will buy the Presidency.

Hilary Clinton raised $28 million in three months, Bernie Sanders raked in $26 million in the same time, and I won’t bother with what the other side has done.


It’s disgraceful.

$54 million could do a whole lot of good in the world, but instead…well look what it’s gonna do.

There has to be a better way!

Maybe I should call this Moan about it Monday?


It’s been a while since we’ve had an Ass Of The Week.

Oh, there’veĀ been plenty of candidates. After all, Congress is still there, but I’ve just not been inspired to post about them.

But, this week.

This week, we have these two.

Bank Robbers

These two allegedly robbed a bank then posted pictures of themselves with the cash on their Facebook pages.

Mo Money