If They Were Here…

…they’d wish you a Happy 4th of July.

Founding Fathers 2

But, since they’re not, I will.

Have a Great Holiday.

Liberty 4th

Just Some Thoughts…

So the Donald got himself in some hot water this week with is “negative comments” about our friends South of the Border.

Really, the man does not know when to shut UP.

Of course Macy’s decided to cut all their ties with the magnate, and others are following suit.

cutting a tie

Do people really listen to this guy?

I know I don’t!!!

And who gives a rat’s ass what he says?  Don’t like him, don’t vote for him.  Don’t like him, don’t watch his show or buy his ties.

What he said was “insensitive” to put it mildly.

But to be honest, I’m probably more UPset that the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants won’t be aired than I am by what the Donald said to cause the fuss.



But I do love me some beauty pageants!  Sorry, I just do, and have ever since Germantown’s Kim Seelbrede won Miss USA back in 1981!


Just because he’s an ASS, doesn’t mean all those young women who’ve worked so hard should suffer.

And what about the Colombian beauty, Paulina Vega Dieppa who reigns as Miss Universe now?  Will she have to stay on forever?

Paulina Vega

Really, do we need the same Miss Universe 40 years from now?

Guess who this week’s AOTW is!!

G’head, three guesses, and the first two don’t count!


Small Annoyances…

America’s premier public health agency was established in Atlanta on July 1, 1946.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -– the CDC — is located in Atlanta thanks to the pesky little nuisance called the mosquito!

mosquito misquito bites

While World War II was raging, the Office of Malaria Control in War Areas operated in Atlanta.  It was designed to control malaria in the southeastern states where the mosquito thrived.

And If you’ve ever been to Georgia, you’ll know that thrived is an understatement!

The little critters are ev-a-ree whe-ah from Savannah to Sugar Hill!

Many of our fighting forces, my Dad included,  and other military personnel were trained in the central Georgia. American soldiers fought diseases as much as the enemy in some cases, particularly malaria in the South Pacific.



Malaria was of course, caused by mosquito bites.

In 1946, Dr. Joseph Mountin converted the Offices of Malaria Control into the Communicable Disease Center, a public health agency that would monitor and control infectious diseases.

His crusade rapidly broadened to include perfecting the polio vaccine, vaccination and disease surveillance, and some would say, its greatest achievement, eradicating smallpox.

The agency eventually became the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is on the frontline of the war against biological terrorism.

And it all happened this week back in 1946 in Georgia!

Welcome To Bettyville

I’ll admit I bought it for the cover.

Bettyville is one of my latest reads.

This is the cover.


This is my dresser.

My dresser

I mean, really, how could I say no?

The book, a memoir by George Hodgman is not for everyone.

But, it’s a really good book.

George, a cultured, erudite, New York editor who happens to be gay, goes back to his hometown of Paris, Missouri to visit his 91 year old mother.

His visit turns into two weeks, then two months, and on and on.

Their lives collide and coincide at the same time.

Betty, his mother, has dementia and lymphoma, but refuses to see herself as a victim.

George stays to care for her as there are neither brothers nor sisters, and his dad’s been gone a while. He refuses to be a martyr, a hero, he’s simply a son.

A very loving one.

He cares for her, fights with her, loves her, and cherishes her to the end.

Funny, heartwarming, and thoughtful, it’s worth the read.