Everybody Dance Now!

Today is International Dance Day!

I’ll be responding to everyone via interpretive dance.

Get ready.

Hey, it’s a reason to party!!

Dancing Queens

Have a great weekend.

The Beauty In The Bronze Bel-Air

My mother would have turned 97 today.

Mother Glamorous

My earliest memories are of standing next to her in the front seat of our bronze and cream 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air.

1957-Bel-Air Bronze

That’s right, standing.  No car seat, no seat belt, just her arm to keep me from careening into the dash board.

She shares her birthday with Nicola Romeo and Ferruccio Lamborghini.

That explains so much.

I really miss them both.

Oh,  not Nicola and Ferruccio, but Mom and the Chevy.

Ex libris

She was crestfallen.

“I’m sorry, I don’t loan my books to anyone,” he lied.

Oh he lied; he didn’t loan them, but he was for darn sure not sorry about it!

There was no redistribution of the wealth of knowledge coming from him.

So, there they sat, year after year collecting dust, educating no one, enlightening no one, encouraging no one, helping no one.

Ex libris

Shaking her head as she walked away, she said, “What good’s a library if no one uses it??


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This week’s prompt was ex.

Taking It For Grant-ed…

Today is the 194th anniversary of President U S Grant’s birth.

I’ll not bore you with a lot of detail, it is Wordless Wednesday after all, but he was a pretty interesting guy.

Grant was the first President to have both parents alive when he was elected and inaugurated.  That doesn’t sound like much, but he was the 18th President, and became President seventy plus years after Washington.

The victor in America’s bloodiest war, Grant could not stand the sight of blood.

While President, he was ticketed by a DC Policeman for speeding – on a horse!

Grant isn’t buried in Grant’s Tomb, he’s interred above ground in a sarcophagus next to his wife, and Grant’s Tomb is the largest mausoleum in the United States.

He tried to annex the Dominican Republic during his presidency.  He wanted it for a military base, a place to send the freed slaves, and a market for US made goods.  The Dominicans were all for it, but Charles Sumner led the fight against it in the Senate, and split the Republican Party.  See this crap’s been going on forever!

He lost all his money to a crooked investment partner.  His family was nearly destitute and Presidents were given no pensions then.  Mark Twain made a deal with Grant, who was dying of throat cancer, to write his memoirs.  They sold over 300,000 copies and his family netted over half a million bucks!  Presidents didn’t have pensions until 1958.

He was a big drinker.  Lincoln, when told Grant was a drunk, asked what he drank so he could get it for the rest of the Generals who were losing battles.

He smoked 20 cigars a day!

He hated military uniforms and was a sloppy dresser garnering demerits at West Point for his appearance.

US Grant

He was compassionate; he insisted that if President Johnson made him arrest Robert E. Lee for treason he would resign his commission from the army.  Not wanting to lose the support of the most popular man in America and THE hero of the Civil War, Johnson acquiesced.

He was supposed to be with the Lincolns at Ford’s Theater the night Lincoln was shot, but his wife wanted to go to New Jersey to see the kids.  He regretted not being there because he felt he could have stopped Booth.

He took it for.granted that he.could.have made.a.difference.