Frienemies Flinging “Facts”

Well, tonight’s the big night!

The first presidential debate between Secretary Clinton and The Donald.

I know, you can’t wait!


This is what happens when frienemies fall apart!


All week long the news hounds have been predicting a larger audience than the Super Bowl.

Get real!

The Super Bowl’s important.

And, if they get too ya’ and you have to look away, today’s the anniversary of the last album the Beatles recorded; Abbey Road.


It came out today in 1969.

You could give it a listen.

Hey, it’s a reason to party!!

Have a great Monday!

The Power of The Multiple of One.

Just over one hundred years ago, the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which at that time was a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

One man, Gavrilo Princip, all of 19 years old and a member of the Black Hand, made one move that changed the world for ever.

Earlier that morning the Imperial couple survived a near miss when a grenade was thrown at them.  Unharmed, they headed to the Governor’s house where Franz bellowed, “So this is how you welcome your guests – with bombs?”

After a rest, they demanded to be taken to the hospital to visit those in their party who had been injured by the grenade.

With the original route blocked, the royal caravan had to back UP, and when it did, one vehicle stalled. As luck would have it, Princip, who’d been sitting in a café, jumped at the opportunity, walked across the street, and shot the Austrians at point blank range.

He shot Sophie first and then Franz Ferdinand.  Franz leaned over his dying wife who would not make it to the hospital alive.

The Archduke died within in minutes of their arrival.

Their assassination was the match that lit the fuse that started World War I.  Sure, sure, the arms race, nationalism, imperialism, militarism and the conflicting alliance system were all contributors, but Princip lit the fuse.


Within four years, 17,000,000 were dead and more than 20,000,000 had been injured.

All because of one man.

Be careful of the power of the multiple of one.

Never Look Back

He was never so glad to see the back of anyone of when those two walked out of his office.


After fixing a drink and slumping into his chair he promised himself not to let his mind get the best of him.


Dipping into the far reaches of his mind he wondered if he’d said anything to give himself away.

Did he slip UP, were there any tells?

He knew he’d not seen the last of them!

He soothed himself knowing that with money in the Caymans and an UP to date passport; when they came back they’d not find him.


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This week’s prompt was back.

She Said It!

“Off the rack solutions, like bargain basement dresses never fit anyone.”


That’s a quote from Françoise Giroud, former French Minister of Culture and had responsibility for museums and monuments; promoting and protecting the arts in France and abroad, managing the national archives, culture centers and protecting French identity.

In other words, she was the gal who kept France French!

And though on the surface her quote might sound trivial, there’s a lot of truth in it.

She was born 100 years ago today.