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Yes, it’s a real word.

One that is rarely used, and considered “dying”.

There’s a list of dying words, a book about it actually.

Funny how a word could die.

But, we don’t say Thee and we don’t say Thou, bitchin’ doesn’t mean what it used to, and sweet has so many meanings one is hard pressed to figure out just really what it means.

But, Zemblanity, which means “the accidental discovery of bad things”, is one we should keep.

It’s the exact opposite, or reverse of “serendipity”. 

The Princes of Serendip came across good things by chance, thus we have the word Serendipity.  The accidental discovery of good things.

Zemblanity, the opposite, refers to the ineluctable discovery of bad things. It comes from the arctic island Zembla, where Russia performed extensive nuclear testing.  Ah, the cruel and pitiless discovery of what no one wants to know.

Even though it’s dark, and that’s part of the allure, I think I like that word.

I’ve had way too much zemblanity in my life to let the word die.

So, today while I hope for serendipity, I’ll be on guard for zemblanity.

There’s just too much of it out there to miss.

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