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The headline yesterday was, “19th Duggar Baby Goes Home”.

If only that child knew what she was getting into, I’m guessin’ she would never have left NICU!

Oh, come on, 18 brothers and sisters!  Put me back!

I realize that God told Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply”, but they were the only two here, and He was talkin’ to them, He had a great big planet to fill UP, and the Duggars didn’t come along until, I don’t know, 10,000 years later.

I’m one of five children.  That was big enough.  Three bedrooms, one bathroom, extra underwear, lots of memories, but at least child count was low enough that I can remember all their names!

My mother was the baby of I don’t know how many kids, after all, both Grandma and Grandpa were married twice.  Grandma had umpteen kids with her first and was widowed at 37, and Grandpa’s wife left him with three kids to bring UP.  My grandparents met –  well, actually they were second cousins, so I’m sure they met long before – married, and had some more kids, two of whom survived, and then adopted three or four more, and one of them survived.

But, they had a farm, they could raise their own food, it was back in the early 1900s.  Things were different.

It’s a free country, religious beliefs on the issue differ, so, have as many kids as you want.

Seriously, I don’t want to hear from the Pope (as I’m sure he reads my blog!).

But really, isn’t enough, enough?


Pre Josie

Prior to the pill, condoms, and other methods, I’d have said they were just horny!  But now, it seems to be about “production”.

Serioulsy, nineteen?

And there’s another crive, all the names start with the same letter –  J. 

Jim Bob (surprise, surprise, surprise) and Michelle Duggar had 10 kids with the chicken pox AT ONE TIME!  Baby Josie couldn’t come home on time because the rest of the family was toxic and the house was a rookery of disease. 

One of the kids has already married and knocked-UP his wife, so baby Josie, won’t even get to live and grow UP with him. 

Is that really a family?

And, to beat all, baby Josie weighed in at 1 lb, 6 oz.  I’m thinkin’ Mrs. D’s child-bearing years may have come and gone.  Why take the risk? 

I say it’s time for a vascular intervention!

Snip, snip anyone?

Honest, Jim Bob, you won’t feel a thing!

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