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Really, and It’s probably the most beautiful place in the world to me.

Seriously, look at this!

Maury River at Goshen Pass

This is the Maury River at a place called Goshen Pass.  The water is freezing most of the year but people were everywhere this weekend soaking UP the sun and welcoming the Summer!

I went to church in Kerrs Creek.


This is the church where my Dad was Pastor when I was born.  It didn’t look like that then, and I knew only one person there…but, it’s been a few  years! 

Then on to my Aunt Willie’s place, where my cousin and her three daughters were visiting…practically a family reunion.


She’s 94 and has decided to only plant tomatoes in her garden this year!  She once told me the worst thing about getting old was “not being able to wear your high heels to church.”  If that’s the worst thing about getting old…bring it on…I don’t wear them anyway…after all, this ain’t the 70s and Disco is Dead!

Of course we spent time with my brother’s grandchildren…they put on a talent show.  One, Drew, completed the Rubik’s Cube in 21 seconds.  It takes me longer than that to pull the stickers off and move them around…I only recently found out you’re actually supposed to turn the thing different ways…hmmm…and all these years…oh my!!


Aside from the family, which is my main draw, Virginia has so much more.

As a Virginian, I”m drawn back there once or twice each year.  There is so much here.  Mountains, The Atlantic, History, Beauty, Horses, Good Southern Food (I’m at the Waffle House RIGHT NOW!)  and more.


It’s the state that gave us Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the Bill of Rights!

It has it all from Jamestown to Martinsville to Alexandria and South Boston. 

NASCAR, Washington and Lee, VMI, UVA, VA Tech…Go Hokies and more. 

Battlefields, mansions, historic homes and places,


and the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts! 

It also has this…


I’ll not go into the mind numbing details of the entire trip. 

But I’ll UPdate you from the road.


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