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There are just a few days left in the month of love, and some of you may be UPset that your favorite love affair wasn’t mentioned.

If so, I’m sorry.

I’ve really enjoyed the research and the remembering this month’s blog posts have brought.

I love history (you may have noticed) and I love love stories.

As to history, I never cared so much for the battles and who won them, I just wanted to know who they were sleeping with along the way.

So, some I’ve left out, simply because of time and some I’ve left out because I’ve mentioned them in one way or another before.

Prince Edward and Lily Langtry – a great love story, and if you can find a copy, read The Prince and The Lily, it is out of print, but there are some on amazon.com.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, one of my favorites, but I bashed posted about them on her birthday, and I didn’t want to over do it.

Alexander and Hephaestion.

Alexander and Bagoas.

Louis XIV and a bevy of beauties would have taken the whole month…the man was a total man whore dog!

King Charles II had Nell Gwynn, Barbara Palmer and others…the boy loved the ladies.

King Ludwig of Bavaria had Lola Montez; she cost him his kingdom, but not before he built the castles UP and down the Rhine.  His main castle was the model for Cinderella’s at Disney World.  It’s a great story, and you should look it UP.

Napoleon III – I’ve posted on his beautiful wife Eugenie – was a notorious womanizer.

The list is endless.

Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour.

Louis XV and Madame du Barry.

Prince Ranier and Princess Grace.

Princess Margaret and Capt. Townshend.

Bogey and Bacall.

Tracey and Hepburn.

Bonnie and Clyde.

Frank and Ava.

Mickey and Ava.

Howard and Ava.

Artie Shaw and Ava.

Artie and Jane

Artie and Betty

Artie and Kathleen

Artie and Doris

Artie and Evelyn

Artie and Lana Turner

Lana and…well, it just gets confusing.

So, need a little love, just hit a history book… Born To Rule by Julia Gelardi tells of five arranged marriages, some which turned to love and all that changed history.  Princess Michael of Kent ‘wrote’ Crowned In A Far Country, all royal stories about women who left their homes to reign as consort with men they had never met.   Sex With Kings, seriously, a page turner written by Eleanor Herman will “rekindle” your interest in history – or simply start one if you never had it.  So check out a book store, or the net.  It’s all out there.

You never know, you just might find the love story of your life!

And I hope you do.

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