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Recently, Yahoo had an article on 5 ways to know if you’re a lousy co-worker.

They are:

  1. You dump work on people at the last minute.
  2. You complain about people without telling them directly what your beefs are.
  3. You exude negativity.
  4. You bring your personal life to the office in ways that make people feel uncomfortable.
  5. You’re chronically defensive.

Well, it got me to thinkin’.

Maybe there’s a reason for all that.


Take the dumping co-worker for instance.  If you hadn’t given me 12 hours of work to do in 8 hours, maybe I’d have gotten it all done, and wouldn’t have to messenger it over to your corner office and interrupt your vacation plans.  After all, my kids play little league too, ya know.

And number 2: Get a grip, if I told you how I really feel, the boss would fire my butt so fast all our heads would spin.  I dump this one in the lap of the PC crowd.  You can’t tell someone they look nice without the threat of a lawsuit.  So, ‘you lazy assed, useless slug’, isn’t only too long to fit on a business card, it’ll get ya fired. 

Moving on to number 3.  Maybe the fact that you’re so darn chipper all the time just pisses me off.  Ever think of that Pollyanna?  You know you hate the boss, board of directors, and everyone who calls into the place, so stop being Pippi Longstockings, quit fakin’ it and let your real feelings rip!

As to my personal life, the “bring your daughter to work day” crowd gets this one.  A room full of future Bella Abzugs is just fine, but let me complain about one little thing in my life, and noooooooooooooooooo, it’s just TMI!


And of course I’m chronically defensive, you pick on me all the time!

What a shame, “Slap A Co-Worker Day” was last month!

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