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They say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  And whoever “they” is, are right.

Meet Jan Thomas Hebel.

Jan Hebel

Jan is a friend of mine, a web designer, graphic designer and a photographer, and he has a new website.

Seriously, I need new pictures!

I’ve known this loser great guy for nearly 10 years, and I knew he took pictures, but I had no idea how good he was…er, is.

We worked together in a part time job we both hated, made the most of, did as little as possible, and quit as soon as we could.  Seriously, it was probably one of the worst jobs either of us have ever had, and we both speak of it in shame.

No, we weren’t strippers.  We were collection callers – for a magazine company.  We were quite sure the people we were calling never ordered the magazines.  At least that’s what we deciphered from their profane rants when we called them.

But, back to Jan.  His pictures are eloquent, robust, and inspiring.

My favorites…

Orange Flowers by Jan Hebel

Orange Flowers

Watercolor Boats by Jan Hebel

Water Color Boats 

Masts by Jan Hebel


Amsterdam Canal by Jan Hebel

Amsterdam Canal 

What Are you Looking At by Jan Hebel

What Are You Looking At? 

That’s his son…the live one, not the statue.

I love the way they are both looking UP

 Door To There by Jan Hebel

Door To There 

Horse By Water by Jan Hebel

Horse By Water

Jan not only took the pictures, but designed his site as well.  He’s a graphic designer, a bit of a computer nerd, a Norwegian, and an artist.  Check out the site, the classic, uncluttered design is refreshing.

So, go ahead, look him UP.  Here’s a short cut.

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