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Snowmageddon* is UPon us in the South.

3 to 5 inches of snow and ice fell last night in the Metro Area.  The largest snowstorm in this area in years.

Snow out my front door

I took this picture with my cell phone last night about 10. 

Yes, I know it’s crappy, but you can see just how much snow fell in 30 minutes.  When I looked out my door at 9:20, there was no snow on the ground.

Once the sun comes UP and I can see again, I’ll add a new picture.

Is it a Winter Wonderland or a nightmare?

By 10 PM Sunday evening, the streets were covered, the Interstate Connector in Downtown Atlanta was jammed and stopped, and the city was in shut down mode.

The groceries were out of bread, milk, and eggs early Sunday afternoon.

Of course, when the ice comes on Monday, like the weather guessers forecasters are saying, there will be no power, so there will be no scrambled eggs, no toast, and no waffles.

We’re just not used to it, even though most of us are from somewhere where it did snow.

We can’t drive in it, even though we learned to when we were kids.

Some how, we’ve forgotten.

I did remember to salt the drive earlier this evening!!

Businesses, schools, day-cares, and more will not open today.

It’s a snow day.

A rare, exciting, and dangerous day for us.

It’s Snowmageddon!

The squirrels and birds had been absent from the yard all day warning us of what was to come;  the few leaves on the trees held fast not wanting to smother under the cold sheet that was to come;  the trees stood tall, dark, and firm against the grey sky; the clouds rolled in in silence.  

Last night, as the snow fell, there was an eerie silence that only comes with a quiet blanket of white.

Yes, it was Snowmageddon.

*thanks to Ellen Brill for the term “Snowmageddon”.

8:09 AM UPdate…

It’s now turned to freezing rain…yuk…even my work place is closed…yeah…here are better pictures…daylight and all…

Out my back door onto the deck

Looking out my back door onto the deck.

Front yard

I’m sure there’s a lawn under there some where.

My driveway

And, since this is my driveway, you can see all that salt I put out really worked!!!

Well, back to bed.

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