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Every parent thinks theirs is the brightest, beautifulest, and best, and that may just be the case.

I’m no dummy, I’ve not been motivated all my life, but I know I’m pretty bright.  And I am not ashamed of the fact that I have a quick wit, large vocabulary, and “get things”.

Too much? 

Well, enough about me, let’s talk about your kid.

There are signs you can look for that may indicate your child is smarter than the average bear, or even gifted.

Here are some tips.

Retention – we’re talking about the kid, not you, so it’s not water retention, it’s facts, information, data.  If your kid isn’t an “in one ear and out the other” kinda kid, he might just be gifted.  Gifted kids remember more things from early childhood than normal kids.  Some kids can go to an event, and give a complete review on the ride home…others, well, not so much!

Multiple Intrests – Some may think it’s the onset of ADD, but in reality, smart kids have different interests.  One month they may know everything about Space Exploration, and the next month they may memorize the Kings and Queens of England in order. 

Writes and Reads Ahead of Schedule – If the kid asks for Mont Blanc Pen Set while on Santa’s lap, he might be gifted.  Kids who write early, read early, and show an interest in story lines are usually at the top of the charts.  So, here’s some advice, if you have a future novelist in the family, you might want to lay off the Joan Crawford act some.

Music and Art – If Junior dons a powdered wigh, runs to the Harpsichord and whips out a minuet in a few minutes, you might want to sign him UP for music lessons.  Kids who take music, by choice or not, usually do better in math, kids who have an interest in music, though sometimes a tad off beat, usually do better in math, science, and creative writing.  Although the wig and lace shirt might indicate a gender identiy crisis, encourage the music!

Deep Thoughts – Most kids have the attention span of a gnat.  If yours is sitting around musing about the workings of World Peace and the UN, it’s time to call a really good pre-school.  Junior just might be smart.  If he or she spends longer than usual times on a topic or area of study…they could be gifted.

Memories – It’s not just a song from Cats, it’s very important.  Let’s say Suzy is 3, and remembers what grandma gave her for her second birthday, she’s probably got the gift.  Most kids will be playing with the box in 30 minutes, if Suzy remembers the paint set or purple dress, Grandma might just as well go out and snatch UP that T-shirt that says, “My Granddaughter’s Jeanius!”

You Had To Stop Spelling Early – Vocabulary is the key to everything.  If a kid gets big words and uses complete sentences early, get ready, you’ve got to start looking at colleges early.  Most kids see a cow and say, “Look, a cow!” or if you’re lucky, “Cow!”  A bright kid will say, “Mommy, look at the cow, she’s eating grass.”  or “That black and white cow is feeding her baby.” 

Has ATD – Attention to details.  The devil’s in the details, some say, and if your kid is into them, you could be in for a ride.  “The hospital.” as an answer to the question, “Where do babies come from?” may work for the normal kid, but a smart alec wants to know, who, what, how, when, where.  Most kids will put the toys away when asked, a smart kid will put them back in the exact place from whence they came.  And he’ll use words like whence too!

The Rex Reed Factor –  I’m hoping none of your babies actully know who Rex Reed is, but smart kids will be their own worst critic.  Most kids aren’t too worried about others or themselves for that matter.  Gifted kids usually have trouble being satisfied with themselves.  Why?  Who knows, but I’m pretty sure it comes from knowing things can be better, and struggling to make them that way.

Conceptionally Complex – Abstracts are usually pretty abstract to most kids.  The smart ones can pick UP on abstract concepts early.  It’s like the vocab thing above.  You may just be mommy and daddy to some kids, but if your kid learns early on that mommy and daddy love each other, and can verbalize it, he might be a redneck gifted!  If your kid is looking for solutions, and can think in depth, as Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing!”.

And it is!

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