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With all the Standard and Poor’s hoopla, I keep asking myself, “Who are they, and why do we care?

Oh, I”m sure there are thousands of legitimate reasons, and I know the Congress gave away its right to establish a stable economy to a private bank years ago,  but I just wonder what would happen if we told all those people to just simply, to quote Della Reese in Harlem Nights: “Kiss my entire ass!”

Afterall, Standard and Poor’s is a division of McGraw-Hill, you know the people who’ve been screwing over charging you for text books for the last umpty-ump years.  And they only get to ‘say so’ because the US Securities and Exchange Commission and because the Federal Reserve, which is about as Federal as Federal Express, wants them to, says they can, and it’s nothing more than a federal watch dog made UP of six people appointed by the President and approved by the Senate.  All of whom are…what’s the word…fallible!

So, should we care?

I hate to be all Ross Perot and ask the question and not have an answer, but I’m there.  Seriously, I’m there.

I don’t know.

But, I’m all ears!

AND,  it poses more questions.

Like who says what’s good literature.

I happen to like Harold Robbins.  Granted, he’s not going to be taught in school, even though all this books are filled with all the literary terms that English teachers love to push on us.

And granted, in my opinion, To Kill A Mockingbird, has all of them without the smut, and is easier to teach, but who decided that TKAM is literature and Harold isn’t.

His books have sold 750,000,000 copies.

And, why is Moby Dick considered “the greatest American novel ever written”, when it sucks?

Eight chapters on whales!  Big, ugly, scary, scaly, smelly.  Who cares?

Yes, the story of the crazy sea captain chasing the great white whale is a great plot, story line, and has theme, etc, but it was a better movie;  and the book is almost always better than the movie, with the exception of  The Pelican Brief and Sleeping With The Enemy, and that just may be because Julia Roberts was in both of them.

And what about Tom Sawyer?  Did Mark Twain ever say the Mississippi River is the symbol of life?  No, he did not. He’s dead, and not around for us to ask now.  And guess what;  sometimes, a river is just a damn river.

And all the color symbolism in The Lord of The Flies?  Really, who came UP with that?  Just a bunch of crazy rich bullies trapped on an island if you ask me!

Look at any fashion magazine and tell me that some of that crap is good taste!  It isn’t, but someone, somewhere said it is, and therefore it is.  What about those fugly hats by Philip Treacy?


Bette Midler, that sage of song and film, said it best when she said, “Modern art is supposed to be the panacea for the ills of all mankind, but we still by the painting that matches the couch.”

Because WE like it.

Not because someone else likes it.

If want to mix my Chinese water colors with my knock off K-Mart quality French Impressionists prints, and it makes me happy to sit in that room, well, guess what, Della Reese says I can.

And don’t get me started on movies.  Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director…who says so?  The members of the Academy, people, just like me and you. 

So, read, enjoy, reflect, and even invest, but do it your way.

After all, who says so?

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