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I know, it’s a Kristofferson song…but…With one in her own place and one in college, I can no longer blame the mess in the house on the kids.

It’s sad really, they were so convenient.

I’ll admit, I did get some funny looks when I tried to blame a stack of half-read novels , a dishwasher full of clean dishes, and a sink full of dirty ones on a 5th and 1st grader, but most people let it slide.

But the mess is all on me now. 

There’s the blogging mess.

Papers, notes, ideas, pictures to scan, computers, cords, cables, cameras…I’m sure you get the picture.

Then there’s the laundry mess.

My Mother does laundry every day.  Me, once a week.

And the mail mess.

The one who doesn’t live here is easy, I just write the new address on it and forward it.  But the one in college, well, I just wait for him to come home or call text. 

And of course there’s the stack of “to be shredded” stuff…which seems to multiply everyday.

Then there’s the kitchen mess.  I’ve taken to eschewing the pantry and just stacking the things I use regularly on the counter.  It’s getting to me.

Serioulsy, who needs cabinet doors at this point?

And the bathroom counter mess, why put stuff away I’m going to use in another 24 hours. 

And then there’s the yard.  Wow, nature comes back fast!

But what to do, convenience is key with a busy lifestyle.

And how did I get so busy with no kids to bring up?

But we get that way.

Busy, unfocused, a little “sloppy”.

I’ll go with casual.

Yeah, that’s it…casual.

I suppose I’ll just have to blame it on me.

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