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It’s not just a sleezy pick UP line in a bar.  Many people take it to heart.  But, after doing a little research for things about which to post, I’m just not so sure.

I find it interesting that Tori Black and Mother Teresa were born on the same day.  Yeah, I know, 78 years apart, but, nonetheless, the same day, August 26.

You may wonder why this is interesting to me.

Mother Teresa was, well, Mother Teresa, and Tori Black is an American Porn Actress.

Two women, same sign, same day, very different paths.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a Macedonian born Indian Nun who won the Nobel Peace Prize for all the good she did around the world.  Born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, in Uskub, a part of the Ottoman Empire, now The Republic of Macedonia, she’s one of the most famous people ever, and is a standard for good deeds, kindness, and good works.  Raised a Roman Catholic, Agnes was fascinated by the stories of the missionaries in Bengal.  She committed her life to service at the age of 12! 

Her goal was to help the ‘poorest among the poor’. 

So, what went wrong with Tori?

NOT Mother Teresa

I wonder, did she decide to become a porn star at the age of 12.  She entered the porn industry in 2007, and has starred in over 200 movies, most of the titles, well, even I can’t put them on the post!  She’s not won a Nobel Peace Prize, but she did win Hottie of the Year in 2009, Best 3-way sex scene, and Best 3-way all girl sex scene in 2010!  Yeah for her, I guess. 

I don’t mean to be judgemental…I’ll wait for you to stop laughing…but, I’m beginning to wonder if that horoscope thing isn’t just a bunch of crap.  Really, born the same day, same sign, something went terribly awry!

I mean, I was born the same day as Abner Doubleday and I suck at baseball!  And I was born the same day as Pearl Buck, a Nobel laureate, and even though I think I’m a great writer, and can’t understand why millions don’t read me every day, I know I’m no Pearl Buck!  Sean Hayes, Derek Jeter, Gretchen Wison…what do I have in common with them other than a birth date?  And, Michael Vick…I love dogs!

So, I’m just not so sure any more that it’s the sign, nor is it the day, maybe it’s the choices we make!

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