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Well, since you asked.

And many of you have.  What’s UP with UP?

What's UP with UP

The observant of you may have noticed that every time I use the word UP, it is in caps.

Some of you may have figured it out already.

For the rest, here’s why.

I have two nephews and four nieces.

Over the years I’ve gone from Unkie Paul, to Uncle Paul, to Crazy Uncle Paul, to simply UP.

I believe it was Jenny, my lovely niece from over at Mommin It UP who started it.


And well, it stuck.

All my nieces are lovely, all are wonderful, but Jenny got me started on this crazy ride in the blogosphere.  So, what’s UP with UP?  It’s a tribute to her, just a daily way of saying thanks for the encouragement, pimping me out to all her bloggie friends, and sharing me with her readers.

Though Jenny’s blogged about many, many things, from CVS to her grandparents, to her kids bathroom habits, I’m the only Uncle she’s blogged about – thus far.  You can check out what she’s had to say about me here.  And, she’s even let me “guest blog” on her blog!

Now you know, that’s what’s UP with UP.

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