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All over town during “Red Ribbon Week”, you see Don’t Drink and Drive signs.

Red Ribbon Week is for everyone, but it is aimed at High School Students.

Don’t Drink and Drive.

What’s the message here?

Are we sending the right one?

I don’t think so.

If you’re a teen ager or under the age of 21, the message should be simply, “Don’t Drink”. 

If you do, you’re breaking the law.  And, no matter where you get the stuff, from Achmed down at the Chevron, Willie at the liquor store, or the Mom and Dad in the kitchen, you’re breaking the law, and so are they.

When we say “Don’t drink and drive” to a teen ager, we’re saying it’s ok to drink, just don’t drive. 

But, it’s not ok.  It’s breaking the law.

Now, I’ll not be a hypocrite and say I never drank as a teen.  Because that would be….what’s the word…a lie.  I did.  Not much, trying to be cool, didn’t succeed at that, and felt horrible everytime. 

Back in the day, you could get beer at 18 in Ohio.  Now, due to federal laws and highway money, the drinking age is 21 everywhere. 

I know, I know, kids will try things, they will experiment.  But do they need to?   Do they have to? 

I don’t think so.

We need to start sending the right message.  Instead of this…


or this…



Try this…


or this…


Putting aside religious and moral views, look to the medical community which tells us that alcohol isn’t good for us.  And is expecially not good for people who are still in developmental stages….aka teenagers and some up to 22 or 23.  The brain is still growing, don’t kill it while it’s working. 

When you say “don’t drink and drive” to a kid or anyone else, you are implying and they can infer that it’s ok to drink.  Legally for teens it’s not.  They are breaking the law.

Can’t we just change the message here?

…it’s simply…”Don’t Drink, you’re a kid”

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