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While at the Waffle House this morning, someone said, “Oh, my palm is itching, I’m gonna’ get some money?”

Home Sweet Home!

Then the debate started.

Which hand means what.

Right or Left?

I’ve always been told, by my very superstitious Grandmother Brads, that if your right hand itches, you’ll get money, and if your left hand itches, you have to pay money.

She also said to “rub it on wood” to make the money come faster.  Then she’d rub my head.


Grandma had a sense of humor.

But alas, the debate went on, and became a tad heated.  Seems the opinions vary!

So, I looked it UP.

Some folks say it simply means good luck.

And why not, getting money is good luck.

Some people say it means your getting cash, either palm.

But the “superstition experts”, yes, there are people who claim to be such, say, LEFT hand itching, money coming in.

RIGHT hand itching, money going out.

Unless, you’re Left Handed, then it’s backwards.

There might be some truth in all of this.  Itching palms often indicate new internal energy.  The left hand is passive, the right receptive.  If the right palm itches, you may look for new services coming into your life.  And it might cost you some money.  The left palm indicates “energy” going out, or services rendered, and you might get paid for that.

The rubbing the palm on wood thing is an old Pagan method for releasing unwanted energy, hence the phrase, “touch wood” or “knock on wood”.

Don’t get a splinter, or you’ll be at the doctor’s spending cash!

And by all means, don’t get caught rubbing wood with your palm!

Frankly, I think all this means you’re either too superstitious, or you need some lotion!

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