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First the International House of Panckaes became IHOP.

Then Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC.

NOW…The YMCA is officially changing their name to simply “The Y”

The New YMCA

Does that mean most of the Village People will be out of jobs? 

Village People!

OH, wait…Disco’s dead!

Oh, yeah?  Not as long as “dance music” is around.  Call it what you want, but dance music is disco music…and that’s just a fact.

But, back to my story…

Ovbiously marketers think we’re all so stupid that International House of Pancakes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and YMCA are just too much for us to remember.

Or, maybe they think we’re lazy. 

So, it’s IHOP, KFC, and now, just The Y.

Wait a minute, that’s still four letters.

I’m sorry, it still won’t work in the song.

There’s more, British Petroleum,  BP.  Which translated into “American” is Big Problem.

And of course, there are more…3M, A&P, AMC, AOL, AT&T, GTE, BBC, CVS, DHL, DKNY, HP, HSBC, JAL, MBNA, HSN, RCA, SAS, SPAR, I could go on, but you’d probably get fed UP with that.

I guess maybe we are that lazy…either way, I’m still singing the entire Y M C A when the song comes on the radio.  And yes, I stop the car, get out and do the motions…get over it!

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