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…Ok, just a few more years, and I’ll get off this reunion stuff…but so much happened, and so much was said…it was like a “blogapollooza”!

I got SOOOOOOOOO much material…sadly, some I’ll never be able to use.

But, this one, I got permission…

I met Konnie in the first grade.  We really didn’t become friends until high school where we had a many classes together, were in a few clubs together, she was in band, I was the band announcer…it was just too much trouble to carry that piano across the football field…and she hung out at, while Dan(ny) and I worked at The Booster.

Konnie making people smile!

We always had fun, she was always UPbeat, and she added something to the occasion each time.

She did the same Saturday night.

Bernie, her cousin (seems I’m the only person in Germantown without a cousin there!), and the Class President got everyone’s attention by banging on a pan with a spoon…very classy, but afterall, He was voted most likely to succeed, and “called us all to disorder”.

He then had each of us stand UP and tell a little about our selves.

A little – yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen with me.

When it got around to me, I talked about myself, my family, myself, what I was doing, myself, pimped the blog, and talked about myself.

And Konnie followed me.

She said, “I have always loved growing UP in Germantown, was happy to go to school here and raise my kids here too.  I feel so blessed that I live here, have all these friends, and am so happy that we are all able to see each other from time to time.”  She added, “I have a great life, and really feel lucky.”

I was speechless.  It’s all true,  but she left so much out.

She never mentioned that she’s been battling cancer for five years, suffered chemo for the same, and really doesn’t know what her future may bring.

But, she knows she’s blessed, she knows she’s happy, and she know’s she lucky!

What she doesn’t know, is that she’s an inspiration!

Thanks Konnie – for setting us straight!

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