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A recent article asked the question, “Has ‘Jersy Shore” lost it’s mojo?”

I think a better question is, “Did it ever have any?”

Seriously, I can’t think of a more pointless and vapid and vacusou waste of air time since…well, ever!


The blogger, who shall remain nameless, since I don’t want to get sued, said he was a “loyal viewer since the beginning” and thought the first two seasons were “highly watchable, highly quotable TV reality gold”.

Yeah, right.

First of all, it’s reality TV.

Secondly, it’s far from reality.

He goes on to say, “gym, tan, yawn”.

Hey, gym, tan…what have I missed?

I gym, I tan, no one consulted me!

The cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ may be real people, but they’re not REAL people.

Oh, I’m sure there are people like that in Jersey, hey I lived in Florida, and we all know that’s where they end UP!  So, I’m sure, very sure, that there are people like Snookie, Mike “the Situation”, Sammi and such, I just didn’t find them interesting in real life, and I’m sure not going to waste my time watching them on MTV!

The writer of the article offered advice on how to improve the show.  I won’t boor you with the details, but surprisingly ‘cancellation’ was not on the list!

He’s all a twitter about the fact that the cast is going to Italy next season.

So am I, maybe they’ll stay there!

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