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…is usually from the heart.

Helen Thomas showed us her heart this week.

Apparently it’s full of anti-Semitism.

Shocking in some ways, and not so much in others.

They hypocrisy of the press never surprises me.

UP rarely blogs about stuff that’s political and I really do not want to get into some sort of “Ann Coulter/Rush Limbaugh/Alan Combs/Donna Brazille controversy”, but this is total crap.

Helen Thomas has been reporting the news from Washington in one way or another for more than 50 years. 

She’s interviewed Presidents and sat on the front row in the briefing room for nearly 5 decades.

With JFK

Thomas with LBJ

Pat Nixon welcomes Helen Thomas to the White House in 1971

With Gerald Ford

With Jimmy Carter

 With Ronald Reagan

With George H. Bush

With Bill Clinton

With W

With President Obama

And now, she’s retiring. 

Retiring in a firestorm that his gone viral on the web.

Her reply to a reporter when asked “any comments on Israel?”:

“Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.  Remember, these people are occupied, and it’s their land, go home, Germany, Poland, America and every where else.”

You can see the video, it’s all over the web.

As a reporter who is supposed to ask the probing questions, she knew the reaction her answer would bring.

It was intentional, you can’t chalk it UP to old age, it was vitriolic, hateful, caustic, bitter, and calculated.

And now, she’s ‘resigned’.

It’s an ignominious end to a well-respected career.

Beverly Sills said it best when asked by reporters why she’d retired so soon.

“I want them to say she quit too early, rather than when is that old broad gonna quit!”

Helen should listen to more opera, she’ll have time now.

Without a job!

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