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..I was going to write about the Smurf movie today*, but Washington changed my mind, so I’ll save that deep thought issue for another day.

Just in the nick of time, like a bunch of heroes, Congress dragged out the dead (Harry Reid ) and the near dead (Mitch McConnell) to do some grand-standing and “pass an historic bill” to save the country from going bankrupt.  They even added a not ready for it Gabrielle Giffords to the show to let us know how wonderful they are!  President Barack Obama signed it on Tuesday.

Well, BFD! or, as they say in more polite circles, “Whoop-de-do!”.

Why the hell couldn’t a bunch of grown men and women who are elected to represent us, do this about 10 weeks ago?

But, no, they had to wait for gas to go UP, the stock market to take a big steaming dump, and most of the people in the country to lose a Jonah diaper sized load of money before they could compromise!

Where’s the spirit of Henry Clay?  Everett Dirksen?  Bob Dole? Mike Mansfield?

Someone UP there made money off this!  I don’t konw that, but I KNOW that.

What the hell ever happened to public service?

Representing the people?

And this “historic” event may not be the big assed ace bandage the country needed.  Timothy Geithner, speaking on ABC News, said that he did not know whether the debt-limit fight would cause America’s AAA credit rating to be downgraded.  “It’s not my judgment to make,” and added some gobbledy-gook about his fears that world confidence in the United States was damaged by “this spectacle.”

Hey Tim, guess what, they freakin’ noticed.   It was a little hard to miss!  Oh, and BTW, Tim, it is your judgement to make, it’s your job!

And please, don’t tell me I’m blaming the wrong party or wrong person, because I’m not.

I’m blaming them ALL!

They all suck!

Every last one of them needs to go, and every last one of them needs to realize that it’s “We the people”, not they the congress.

Every last one of them needs to realize that it’s our money, not theirs.

Every last one of them needs to know that it’s the future citizens of the country that will have to pay for this, and not them.

And every last one of them needs to start giving a shit!

* For those of you who are sadly disappointed about the Smurf post, I’ll do that Saturday!

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