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As previously mentioned on this here blog, I was in Hollywood for an awards event hosted by “the place where I work.”


Billed as a Red Carpet Event in Hollywood, the boys and gals from Richmond weren’t kidding. 

And they did a great job!

Welcome to Hollywood!

Of course I couldn’t find Grauman’s Chinese Theater, did not see Branjalina, Jennifer – and you know I’m a Faniston, no Ahh-nold, no George, no Cher, and someone must have taken that giant Hollywood sign off the side of the hill.

Wrong Hollywood!

Oh, excuse me, what was that? 

West Coast?

Oh, that’s the Atlantic Ocean!

Crap, it’s all coming together now!

The event was for folks at “the place where I work” who had met certain goals, er, standards, er qualifications…mine being longevity and delightfulness.

i.e.  I’ve been there for a loooooooooooooong time, and to take a page from Sally Field, my customers “like me, they really, really like me!”

It was great!  Of course, since ya can’t have it all, there had to be a down side, and as previously mentioned, I had to fly…sigh!

The flight wasn’t bad, as flights go.

The getting to the flight, well, let’s just say the shoe removal, snooping through my Louis Vuitton, and questions about the quantity of prescription drugs I was taking for one night, and the full body cavity search,…well, I could have done with out all that.

Do I look that much like a terrorist?

Once through the land of TSAs and the multi-level maze we call the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to the train doesn’t anyone respect personal space anymore and to Concourse C,  it was on to row 31 seat D of the AirTran jet.

There are 31 rows on the plane. 

And yes, I could hear you in the bathroom!

Once we bounced down the runway landed in Ft. Lauderdale, it was off to yet another line.

Ah – Ground Transportation.

Waiting for the bus er Motor Coach.

Quite the crowd!

Now, the Motor Coach, was A. more comfortable than the plane, and B. smelled better!

Once aboard it was a 25 minute ride through the lovely streets of Hollywood to the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa.

Just so there's no mistake!

Which was, not to over use the word, but RRRRRRRRRRR-some!

The view looking UP

There were over 1,000 people attending this event.   And even though it took time, things went very smoothly.

Yes, I had a little problem with the room key, and I now have the manager’s cell phone number and he mine;  but after a few tries, that was all worked out.

We checked in and we checked it out.

The Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa is world class, even if they do have a Starbucks and not a Waffle House in the lobby!

Checking in and checking it out!

The Westin is on Ocean Drive, or A-1-A.

They don’t call it Ocean Drive for nothin’!

ONE of the pools!

The event was great…we had a reception…with an open bar…

Meet and greet!

We had dinner…

It was good!

We had awards…

and we had a speaker…who was inspiring and confusing all at once…


We had dessert…

…and then Dancing…and an open bar…

I got to see friends from other stores…


And people who used to work at our store…and who claim to be my children…

Father and son?

And every one dressed UP!

Anita and Rachel

We had a few camera mishaps…

Smooth, real smooth!

and the term “Upscale Casual” has yet to be defined…

…as the evening wore on I had a little time to reflect…

I'm in there, get close UP and look!

…and it was off to bed.

Of course, Wednesday morning, the sun came UP!

Atlantic Sunrise!

Back to reality!

We had to go home.

I’m glad I got to go…it’s a great event and a feeling of accomplishment…even if I did have to fly!

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