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…women rarely make history.   Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

And I have to thank Kim Seelbrede, Miss USA 1981 for bringing it to my attention.  Inspiration comes from many sources.

Oh, yes, I’d heard it before, but on Facebook…it caused quite the stir.

Millions of women have made history.  Some, just a little, some have changed the world.

There are the obvious ones, Monica Lewinsky nearly de-railed a Presidency.


Aileen Wournos scared the crap out of us.

Man Killer!

And Marie Curie radiated brilliance and changed the world.

Madame Curie

That’s right, she was behaving badly.

She broke the rules, got an education, was the co-discover of Radium, and won two Nobel Prizes!

And Jackie Mitchell was not well behaved, or at least Baseball Commissioner Ken Landis thought, when SHE struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in consecutivce at bats back in 1931 when she was 17.  He voided her contract! 

Jackie and the Boys!

But, they all made history!

Are you misbehavin’?

Are you making history?

If not, why not?

Do something naughty today!!

Just don’t kill anyone.

Who want’s a well behaved woman anyway?

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