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Every time Mother came back from a funeral, she said, “We had the best time, and we saw so many people.”

You know, she’s right. Although Tuesday wasn’t the best day of my life, it was ok.

We did see so many people.

Many I’d not seen for years.

The out pouring of love the last few days has been awesome.

From Facebook comments, emails, cards, flowers, food, and people just giving me a hug, cyber and in real life, it’s been heart warming.

Today is another long day, and I’m not looking forward to it.

Daddy would not want us to be sad today.  We will lay him to rest, but he’s been in Heaven since Saturday night.  A place he was longing to go.

Selfishly, we miss him, mourn for him, and wish he could be here to answer our questions.  But, in his recent state of health, he’s much better off now, and we should be happy for him.

He looked at death differently than most men.  It was the final goal, Heaven was his home, and he was simply abiding on earth doing God’s work.  He was ready for a vacation.

He is sure now that the things he preached and taught for 65 years are true.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a note that Daddy had written in his Bible, (which was a gift from Dad) the following:

Written in the Bible your dad gave me (Jim) : This Bible, Think of it carefully, study it prayerfully; deep in thy heart let it’s oracles dwell; ponder it’s mysteries, slight not it’s histories. None can love it too fondly or well. Accept the glad tidings, the warnings and chidings all in this treasure of Heavenly store. With Faith that is unfailing and Grace that is prevailing; Trust in it’s promises for life evermore.

Every time I look UP, I’ll think of him.  I’m sure I’ll reach for the phone to call him and remember that he’s not there.  I’ll get fewer emails, and I’ll miss our conversations every morning while I drove to work.

And, like I said, Mother was right…we did have the best time…considering.

But, I think he’s having a better one.

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