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No, this isn’t an anti-drug post.

Although I could do that.

Remember when your dad used to accuse you of majoring in basket weaving?

Well, there are worse.

Seriously, there are.

Some people go to college to get ahead, some because Mom and Dad said so, and some just to study what they love.

But that degree, may not be worth it’s weight in Sheepskin.

A drama degree has an annual starting salary of $36,000, if you’re lucky.  Julia Roberts may be raking in $20 million per film, but that’s not the norm.  Most actors never make it big, and most live on less all their lives.  It’s a labor of love, and so’s the degree.

A fine arts major might start at $35,800 or so, again if they’re lucky.  It probably would take an artist to make a low budget wardrobe look great or shabby chic that apartment, but the education costs don’t generally pay off in the long run.

Wanna work in the hotel biz?  Well that degree in hospitality and tourism generally means long hours and low pay.  It starts around $37,000.  The degree costs about $100,000.  Maybe more.  Of course there are travel discounts and you get to see the world, but you can do that in the Navy!

Education – is getting an education in education your dream?  Well, it had better be your passion.  It starts at $36,200 and goes UP with each degree you get – for now that is.  If the US government has its way, and it probably will, merit pay will come into play and you might just get stuck with a bunch of  unmotivated losers who keep you down too!  Teaching is very rewarding, take it from someone who knows, but financially – not so much.

Horticulture – $37,200.  Having a green thumb won’t bring you a lot of green unless you count it in foliage and flowers.

Spanish – learn it and you can enjoy a few more things, read the menu at Sangria’s, enjoy Cervantes in the original, and travel a great portion of the world without getting ripped off, but you won’t make a lot of dinero.  Those jobs start around $35,600.  Unless you’re a Spanish Teacher…see education above!

Music – Mick Jagger is one of the few with a musical education that paid off, but it was probably the tight pants, sexy moves, and pouty lips more than the knowledge that got him where he is.  Most start about $34,000, and very few in proportion, make Rolling Stones Style Silver.

Theology – take it from a PK, or TO (theological offspring) as I like to be called, it sounds so much classier, a call from God generally doesn’t come with a Cadillac, a place in Tega Cey, and a theme park.  But, if you’re truly called, you won’t be happy doing anything else, and the material things will mean less as the work means more.  Look to bring in about $33,000.  

I don’t mean to be repeating myself, but Elementary Education is a low earner as well.  You’ll make about the same as a preacher, $33,000, but you might deal with fewer problems!  You’ll just have to look for the reward elsewhere.  Like in the lives you change.

Social work – well, don’t plan on a social life, you won’t be able to afford one.  It pays less then being a cop.  $32,000 is the median salary.  There are a lot of jobs there, and again, you’re helping people who need it.  Which in the long run is good for you,  just not for your wallet.

Now, to the point, an education is an education.  Get one, and you’ll make more.  Statistics prove that!  But if materialism is a way of life for you, these career paths may not be.

You can always go to law school.  Of course, you have to sell your soul, but some think fancy cars, big houses, trophy wives, and snarky kids are worth it.

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