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…can be fun. 

My philosophy:  Why be bored at the store?

Fun Things for Guys to do when forced into shopping –

  1. Hide in the clothes racks and talk to the customers – the little voices in their heads might start UP a conversation…ya never know.
  2. Pull wheelies with your cart in the Wine Aisle while singing “Heaven, I’m In Heaven”.
  3. Try on underwear over your clothes and ask people if they make your butt look big.
  4. Slip boxes of condoms in other folks’ shopping carts.
  5. Fill your cart with motor oil and condoms.
  6. Turn all the Elvis T-shirts inside out.
  7. Ask the help to “Please translate the signs into the native language of my planet.”
  8. Try to find something NOT made in China.
  9. Take pictures with your cell phone of people who ARE dressed appropriately.
  10. Count the number of people wearing slippers.
  11. Count the number of children not wearing shoes.
  12. Separate the clothing by color and not size.
  13. Sing the greating cards aloud.
  14. Walk into the Men’s Room and yell at the top of your voice, “What died in here!”
  15. Demand the manager because they don’t have a “Fromal Wear” section.
  16. Count the items of the person in front of you in the “15 or Fewer” line and raise a stink when you reach 16.
  17. Make obscene displays in the fruit and vegetable area.
  18. Stay away from the paging system!
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