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Revolutionary War Tombstones

217,000 service members fought for our freedom in the American Revolution, 4,435 paid the ultimate price.

The Burning of Washington

When the British wanted US back in the War of 1812, 286,730 men went to war.  2,260 never made it home.

Battle of Chapultapec

78,718 men went to Mexico in 1846, 13,283 are still there.

Grant accepts Lee's Surrender

The War Between The States not only divided the country, it took the lives of 498,332.

 Teddy Roosevelt atop San Juan Hill

The Spanish American war saw 2,446 men die out of the 306,760 who served.

World War I Trenches

World War I – 4,734,991 went to war, 116,516 sacrificed all.

Dad in Korea

World War II – 16,112,566 Service Members (men and women) headed to Europe and The Far East.  405,399 never lived to enjoy the freedom they fought for and defended.

Soldiers in Korea

Korea took the lives of 52,246 men and women out of the 5,720,000 who served at that time.

Viet Nam

There were 8,744,000 service men and women during the Viet Nam Era.   3.403,000 went there, 90,209 died.

Iraq/Afghanistan Wars

164,000+ have been deployed to Iraq, 66,400 to Afghanistan, 4,201 have died in battle, and additional 1,175  ‘in-theater non battle related causes’ deaths have occured.

That adds UP to over 42,000,000 who have gone to battle for us and over 1,260,000 who have died for us.

I don’t know about you, but I’m humbled today.

There are roughly 24,387,036 US Veterans living today, it should be fairly easy to look one UP and say thanks.

Thanks – and Happy Veterans’ Day.

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