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Today is Victory In Europe Day.

Front Page of the LA Times

On May 8, 1945,the World War II Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the army of Nazi Germany.  It was the end of the Third Reich.  The Germans and their buddies had given UP.  Hitler committed suicide a few days earlier on April 30.  The surrender was authorized by the man who replaced him,  Karl Donitz. 

The Biggest Loser!

The act of surrender had been signed the day before and was ratified on May 8.

In London, Churchill appeared with the King and Queen to celebrate the victory while thousands cheered around Buckingham Palace.

Churchill in Whitehall!

In The United States, President Harry Truman celebrated and accepted the German Surrender as his 61st birthday present.  He dedicated it to the Late President, FDR, who had died a month earlier.

Let’s celebrate today and if you see a WW II Veteran ( or any veteran for that matter ) say thanks!

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