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… I sat down to play the piano today for the first time in years.

I was waiting for the washer to stop spinning so I could put things in the dryer.

I had a little time.

As I remember it, I used to be pretty good at the Piano.

Not great, just pretty good.

I played at my High School Graduation for Mary Calhoun and Vonnie Mikesell to sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, I played for church, I played at weddings, I played for relaxation.

Beatles hair, piano, graduation...what's not to like?

Beatles hair, piano, graduation...what's not to like?

Some of the happiest memories were at my in-laws home with sisters-in-law, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins sitting and standing around the piano while I played.

Well, at least until Mark, a brother-in-law,  came along.  He was really good, and since he could play anything, and everything better than I could, I moved aside.

But I got away from it, life got busy.

I remember dying to take piano lessons.  Mary Calhoun’s mom was the teacher, and frankly, Mary was HAWT!

Daddy, being a preacher, needed someone in the family to play the piano, “just in case”, and we all took lessons with the exception of my younger brother, Al. 

He tried all of us, Judy, Charlie – that did not go well- Zola, and then me. 

I’m the one who stuck with it.

Not much talent, but I plodded along.

As a teenager, it came in handy.  Friends liked it when I could play songs they wanted to hear.  A few girls thought it was cool, a few, not nearly enough, but a few.

And I really liked it.

But, it got away from me, or I got away from it.

I used to play every day, then one day, I just stopped.

I haven’t a clue why.

So, now after about thirty minutes of really bad piano playing, the neighbors calling the police, and the cat covering her ears after giving me the finger, I’m thinking of taking it UP again.

It was relaxing, it was soothing, it was fun.

But, it wasn’t very good.

I don’t know why I let it go; but life surely gets in the way of the things you want to do.

Yeah, I think I need it back.

The cat will just have to get over it!

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