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Unique means, just that, unique.

One of a kind, the only one, nothing else like it.

Dictionary dot com says that it is an adjective, and lists a few definitions. 

1.   existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics.  

2.  having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable.

3.  limited in occurrence to a given class. 

4.  not typical, or unusual.

Something, or someone, can’t be “very” unique, or “rather” unique, or even “kinda” unique.

And it drives me crazy when I hear it!

It’s either unique or it isn’t!

Which brings me back to Germantown, and its covered bridge.

The one and only!

There are many unique things about Germantown, Ohio, but the main attraction in that category is the Historic Covered Bridge.  The covered bridge spans the Little Twin Creek on East Center Street. 

It is the only covered bridge of its kind in the world.

Therefore, it is unique.

It’s also really pretty, very historic, and something of which the tiny town is very proud.

Many just know it’s there, they may not know its history.

It was restored in 1963, I was there when the dedication took place.  Most of the town was. 

It was 93 years old when the town finally got its act together and fixed it UP.  A couple of idiots had tried to drive a truck across it, falling in the creek, and nearly destroying the bridge.

You can’t drive over it any longer.

And that’s a good thing.

It’s just too important.

For the first 41 years of its existance, it spanned the Little Twin Creek a few hundred yards away on Old Dayton Pike.  When the new bridge was built, the old one was moved to East Center Street.  I for one am really happy that the city fathers had the forethought and wherewithall to move it.

That was back in 1911.  I wasn’t around then, and I can’t find out much about the  “who, what, when , and where” of  the decision.  But, again, I’m glad it happened.

Its inverted bow design is a symbol of American engineering and a reminder of our early history.  It was built in 1870.

In 1963, Mayor Ross Brewer appointed a committee of 12 angry men citizens to plan, organize, and complete the restoration.  Many businesses in the area, some from Dayton and many from Germantown donated money, time, matierials and effort to the project.  Not one dime of city money was used.  It was all civic spirit!

And, it’s unique.

Now, some will say that the bow bridge on the campus of Ohio University’s Lancaster Campus in Fairfield County keeps the Germantown bridge from being unique.  But, alas, they are wrong.  The bow on that bridge goes the other way, and Germantown’s bridge is the only one that has no additional support, unlike those posers over in Fairfield!

Germantown would not be Germantown without the Covered Bridge.  It’s the ‘poster child’ for the town, appearing on post cards, city emblems and many year books.  Wedding pictures, art projects, and family portraits are taken there.  And one of my readers who is from Germantown and lives in NYC has one of two watercolors of the bridge  painted by her Aunt.  She said that when she was a child she was fascinated with the bridge, but her parents wouldn’t allow her to play there.  We all were fascinated with the bridge, it’s just part of the town.  And it’s a symbol of the city’s pride in its history. 

So thanks, Mayor Brewer for your insight, vision, and decision to save the one thing that we all know makes Germantown, Germantown.


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