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I’m really tired of the fuss about the fact that President Obama went “shirtless” on the beach.

Shirtless Obama

Don’t most men?

Granted, many should not.  But, The Prez, is toned. 

Physically, we’ve had worse in the White House.

William Howard Taft comes to mind. 

President Lard Ass

Weighing in at 335, he could serve two terms at one time and had a special bath tub installed in the White House.

Taft's Tub

Teddy Roosevelt:


John Adams, his son John Quincy Adams, and William Jefferson Clinton


were all “morbidly obese” at one time or another during their presidencies.

But, the press is making a fuss about the fact that the President was kept out of the camera’s way on this trip to the Gulf.  Official photographs were distributed to the vultures news crews sent to cover the latest Presidential publicity stunt.  He was trying to let the vacation going American public know that even though BP screwed UP royally, the beaches of the Gulf Coast are as pristine as ever.  He wasn’t there to show off his worked out pecs anyway.

So, let the man swim, shirtless or not.  It’s his vacation and if he wants to, then he wants to!

Isn’t there a war going on they can report about?

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