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…Can we go back to my vacation for a bit?

Really, I wish I could.  I talked to my boss about a week on a week off schedule. 

He didn’t buy it!  So, I guess I’ll have to tough it out.  But on the trip, along with the mountains, monument, motels, and motorcycles I saw, I saw a few bumper stickers.

I hate bumper stickers, I don’t have any, won’t have any, and really think they make a car look tacky. 

Here are a few.  (That I can actually show you!)

A bit much, but at least it covers the car UP

It’s a bit much, but at least it hides an ugly car.

As we should!

That’s workin’ well!

Been there!

Some people just come in dead!

Company car?

I don’t!


He probably would!

I'm sure the feeling's mutual.

Aren’t you supposed to?

It's not a good thing!


Nice bunch!

I met them!  They’re aptly named.

No you're drunk too!

Nice try, but I still think he was drunk!

Not his wife's car

At least he doesn’t hit them!

OH yeah!

Probably my favorite!


Charlie don’t surf!

Slow reader!

Well, it costs a lot to run a country!

So True!

Working for a living is a burden!

Someone needs a new hobby

OK, I was in the mountains!

Ticket please!

1-800-Safe Auto?

True again!

Like I said, it takes a lot to run the country.

Which one, There've been so many!

So many to choose from.

And finally…

She wasn't kidding!

She wasn’t kidding.

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