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…as a cheap education.

You might get one that is worth less in lifetime value, but they are all expensive.

Even “life lessons learned” can cost you.

But, with College Costs out of control, 401ks tanking, Mommy and Daddy telling some students to “pay their own way”, some folks have had to get creative to pay for college.

There are signs everywhere that say “The US government has over One Hundred Billion Dollars to Pay for Education”.  Really?  How does one get it?  Seems that most government scholarships are tough to get unless one fits a mold, model, or demographic.


It’s frustrating, and I speak from experience.

The Boy is in School in Nash-Vegas, TN.  In the first year, he and his mother have borrowed over $21,000.  He will probably come out of school $35 to $40 Thousand in debt.

There are worse stories.  Go to Med School. The AMA says the average debt for Doctors coming out of school is $156,456.  And 79% leave Med School with at least $100,000. in debt!

Gee, my co-pay isn’t so painful right now.

My daughter, who was able to “Keep Hope Alive” for most of her college years, left school with about $12,000.  Mom and Dad helped with the rest of her college (we averaged $800.00 per month for five years), and the Georgia HOPE Scholarship paid for a great deal of it.  But, she still came out with debt.  She was able to pay it off quickly.

But, I have friends who have been in their careers eight years and are still paying.

So, like I said, some folks are getting creative.  Bake sales and car washes don’t seem to be enough for most, and there’s only so much plasma one can sell.

One Austrailian student who goes by the name UNIGIRL has auctioned off her virginity to help pay her university fees.


Yes, you read that correctly.

She accepted the highest offer of $36,000. US Dollars or $NZ45,000.00 for my reader in Australia.

According to the Australian, Unigirl is quoted as saying, “I have accepted an offer in excess of $NZ45.000, which is way beyond what I dreamed.”

She also wanted to thank the MORE THAN 30,000 PEOPLE who viewed her site.  She was also happy to announce that there were 1,200 offers.

Ok, this is sick.

She descried herself as attractive, fit, and healthy, and said she had never been in a sexual realtionship.   She was not clear on how she would prove her “claims”.

It cost $1.56 BILLION to run the University of Georgia last year. It’s a big school, but things might be out of control.

Seems that college has become about cash. 


And getting in has become about prostitution.

Homeschooling looks better everyday!

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