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Imagine if you will, it’s January 21, 2013.

President Donald Trump was inaugurated yesterday.


His new Social Security Plan.  You pay every week of your life, but when you go on Social Security, you spin the roulette wheel of SSI!

The  New Social Security

His part B prescription plan.

Pull that slot arm, come UP with three “cherries” and you get your arthritis meds.

NO Meds for You!!

Only two, well, you’re screwed.

Or, what about Medicare?  A giant bingo game.   Want to hear 100 eighty-year-old women yell “shit!”?  Just have one yell “bingo!”

Social Security

Cover five in a row, and Bingo, that hip replacement surgery is covered!

There wouldn’t be a “First lady”, there’d be a “Third Lady”.

President Trump and the Third Lady

New Cabinet Posts:  Department of Food Tasting, Department of Hand Shakes, and Department of Hairspray…there goes the ozone layer!

His social secretary:  Bret Michaels.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs:  Omarosa!!

Can you say, Secretary of State Busey?

Secretary of State

His New Deal, “You’re Fired!”

Government IDs?  The Long Form is required.

And of course, the Capitol would have to move to New York, because he doesn’t want to live in a smaller house and a worse neighborhood!

And, since he was born on Bastille Day, he’d have to move the Independence Day Celebration from July 4th to July 14th!

Off with their heads!!

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