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November 17, just another day on the calendar, another day in history, another day of work, life, being.

But November 17, 1947 was a pretty important day.

We “celebrate” today the discovery of the principles of the Transistor.


What?  You’re not having a party?  No cake? No Margaritas?  No balloons?

Well, I didn’t get my invites out either, but really, it’s a day we should be very, very happy about.

American scientists John Barden and Walter Brattain observed the basic principles of the tiny device that ushered us into the electronics era of the 20th Century.

Without it, I wouldn’t be a blogging.  You wouldn’t have Facebook, or Twitter,  or a remote control for your TV.

Your car would run very differently.

And unlocking it, we’ll you’d have to do it the old fashioned way…with a key!

Air travel would be even less pleasant and enjoyable than it is is.

Yes, I know that’s a tough one to grasp, but true, nonetheless.

The first “big deal” with transistors for public consumption:  The Transistor Radio.

My First Transistor Radio

It set the stage for the entertainment revolution.

Without the transistor…

No GPS, calculators, IPODS, IPADS, remote control toys, laptops, cell phones, heat seeking missles.  They all require them.

No Cable – CNN, FOX, MSNBC, satellite radio, and most of the telephones in your office would not exist.

Computers, printers, faxes, forget them.

No moon landing.

Footprints in the sand.

Oh yes, and when you pop dinner into the microwave and zap or nuke the veggies tonight…just remember to say thanks to John and Walt, after all, they set the stage for a meal you could whip UP in a few seconds.

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