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…is UGA VII turning over in his grave.


For those of you who aren’t from Georgia, and haven’t a clue just how important the UGA mascot is, there have been seven.   They are a very special breed of English Bulldog owned by Savannah native, Sonny Seiler.  An earlier UGA was featured in “Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil”, and the only person to out act him was Kevin Spacey!  UGA is usually a “damn good dawg!”.

The last one went home to be with the Lord just last week after suffering from heart failure, mercifully prior to the Georgia Kentucky game on Saturday.  I, along with millions of Georgia fans are glad that UGA VII did not see that.

But, I digress… PETA has suggested that The University of Georgia could use an “animatronic dog” or a person in a Bulldog costume.

I don’t think so!

According to WGAU, a local Athens, GA radio station, PETA has forwarded this suggestion to the Athletic Director at the University. 

An email was sent to AD Damon Evans, and reads in part,  “It is time for the university to put an end the cycle of suffering endured by dogs who are brought into the world solely to represent the school’s ‘brand.’ ”

Oh, please, that dog had an air condititoned dawg house! 


Suffering, again…

I don’t think so!

The politically correct have taken the Braves, Indians, Orangemen, and other ‘sensitive’ mascots away.  This has to end!

GEORGIA!  Let them hear  you HOWL! 

and Sonny, we’re waiting on UGA VIII!

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