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One may think from my snarky anti-Christmas attitude that don’t like Christmas music.

Ah, not so, Grasshopper!

I do, I really, really do.

If it’s good.

Or terribly funny.  Like “The Restroom Door Said Gentleman.”  Google it, they’re all funny!

As I mentioned earlier, Jessica Simpson and other barking dogs ruin my holiday humming, but there are some beautiful songs out there for the season.

Amy Grant’s “Breath of Heaven” comes to mind.  Any Amy Grant Christmas Song is good. 

“This Christmas” is great, overdone, serisouly, it’s been recorded by nearly every artist out there, but great, nonetheless.

Same thing with “Last Christmas”.  Great song, but – and hold onto your hat here – Wham’s version is the best!

Well, The Cast of Glee version comes close, but Wham’s…ah!

Any Christmas Carol is great, unless it’s sung by Elvis, sorry Judy…I know you love him, but I just have to change the channel when he comes on.

My daughter, Shelby loves the N’SYNC version of “O Holy Night”, and frankly, I’m a fan of that too.  “Silver Bells” is great as well, I think that was my favorite as a kid.   I’m quite sure the “as the shoppers rush home with their treasures” line pulled me in. 

“Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” annoys me, and any sad Christmas song gets nuked pronto.  “Blue Christmas” crap , stuff like that.

But, on the list of “My Favorite Things” is “White Christmas”.

My favorite thing!

Even Elvis does that one well.

So, while your shopping or working or cleaning or baking or just relaxing today, think of your favorite Christmas Song, and make the Spirit Bright!

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