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Time warp back with me to May, 1970.

Location: Stiver’s Farm on Manning Road.

Close enough!

Time: After dark.

Event:  Senior Blast.

The class of 1970 has always been fond of its adult beverages, and back then, one could buy and drink 3.2 beer in Ohio at the age of 18.  That’s before all the federal laws changed.

The party, attended by much of the senior class, and as many other kids who could slip away from watching eyes and get there, was large by any standard, and enormous for Germantown.  It was truly, a Senior Blast!

And it was “fun”, til the cops showed UP!

And did they ever, Jefferson Township, State High Patrol, German Township, Jackson Township, Germantown Police, and the Farmersville Police as well.

The view from the ground!

Picture most of us running through the woods, going faster than we imagined we could, forgetting the fact that we’d have to go back for cars, er, our parents’ cars!  Amazingly, only two were arrested, and they were delivered to graduation practice by the Germantown Police after Mr. Batten, our principal cajoled the cops into releasing them.

We were discussing the story at the reunion, when someone had just said, “Well, it’s not one of our class parties til the cops show UP!”

And they did.

Fortunately, they were looking for someone on the other side of the Eagles.  He wasn’t there, and they left “empty-handed”.

I’m wondering if  the collective sigh wasn’t the cause of Earl!

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