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I’m a baby boomer, a dad, and glad of both.

A recent article in “Details” magazine is all about the NO-Baby Boom.

Apparently, couples are opting out of parenthood.

Mrs. Duggar is not amused!

And I’m frankly, amazed.

There are 58,410,000 married couples in America.

26,896,000 have kids!

That’s less than half.

Now, there are those who are doing their part to keep the population going – Jenny, Greek4Cheerful, Mrs. Duggar and the like, pop out kids at warp speed.

But, alas, many are saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The article says that vasectomies are UP among married childless couples.

Way UP!

Granted, there are people who should never have children, sadly, many of them already do.

But, the article says that only 41% of married couples think that children are very important to a successful marriage.

That number is down from 65% in 1990.

36.4% of husbands think that kids are the main source of disagreements between married couples, while 38.9% of wives feel that way.

I honestly can’t remember on disagreement over our children in my marriage.  Money, “things”, ideals, goals, paint color, which movie to go see, but the kids no.

Maybe we were different.

And kids are expensive.  It costs an average of $286,000 for the average two-parent family to raise a kid all the way through college.

And it goes UP for those in higher income brackets.

I never added it UP.

It was all spent in love.  And money, never mattered much as long as A. I had it, and B. it was something that made everyone happy.

Yes, college for two was costly…but, hey they’re both out, working, on their own, and not asking for much.

It takes an average of 7 hours and 36 minutes a day in kid related activities to raise a child.  That’s diapers, food, school, softball, soccer, all that crap.

So, sure it’s a lot of work, but so far, at my place, it’s been worth it.

The article goes on to give advice to those who aren’t sure if they should have kids. 

Your childhood memories aren’t all that great – maybe you should stay kid free.

You’re proud of your non conformist lifestyle – soccermomdom isn’t for you.

You want to dedicate your energy to cultivating a fulfilling marriage – ok, you horny bastard, use a condom.

Childbirth,and childrearing seems “unattractive” – well, guess what neither are pretty, but for many they are great, but if you have doubts – leave it alone.

You want to maintain a youthful lifestyle long into your middle years – well good luck with that, children or not, gravity wins!

Exercising control over your own life is important – kids can screw that UP pretty quickly!

You’re worried about over-population – go hug a tree, not a spouse!

You like to describe yourself as independent.  Well, again, be a non-breeder, it’s probably better.

So, kids or no kids, it’s your choice.

But I couldn’t imagine life with out these.

My Spawn!

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