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 After seven years of working two jobs, seven days a week, I find it difficult to keep myself busy when I have days off.

I know, I know, A. what a problem to have, and B. The house is a mess, and I could clean it, paint it, organize my books by genre and alphabatize them by author, and clean out the Tupperware cabinet.

But that didn’t happen this weekend. 

I went to a movie…in a theater…a real one.

Fashion being one of my favorites, I went to see “Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky”.  It’s pretty obscure, didn’t get a lot press, but seems to have won a truckload of awards already. 

 Coco & Igor

Since paying $11 for a ticket and $12.50 for popcorn and a diet coke made me feel like I’d just been mugged, I was hoping for a winner.

It was. 

Although, it’s in French, with subtitles.

The movie is based on a book based on a rumour.  Purely hearsay – a Parisian rumor stating that Chanel and Stravinsky had an affair. 

And by the looks of the movie, a pretty steamy (Oh My Cow!) one, and a very complicated one as well.

But, I suppose all affairs are complicated.

Intimate Coco and Igor!

It’s a great presentation of what might have been, or even what may have been.

Two of the most influential people of the 20th century, Chanel and Stravinsky broke new ground, charted new courses, and changed fashion and music.

She had a burning desire to change how women were forced to dress, and he wanted to change musical tastes world wide.

They both succeeded.

Born in Czarist Russia, Igor never went back after the Russian Revolution of 1917.  He was broke, composing for the Ballet Russe in Paris when Coco supposedly met him.  They may have met, and she was a patron of the Ballet.  She was world famous, and enormously rich at the time.

She was also the first woman to have her own fragrance, Chanel No. 5, which, the most expensive liquid on earth, would sell for $9,000,000 a barrel. 

Makes oil look cheap!

Coco, beutifully portrayed by Anna Mouglalis, comes off amoral, heartless, and broken.  But there are moments of tenderness, passion, charity, and kindness.  Mouglalis is the perfect Chanel.

This is the real Coco.

The Real Coco!

And this is Anna,

Anna Mouglalis

Mads Mikkelsen looks about as much like Igor Stravinsky as I do.  But, he’s great in the role, and he does a terrific job of making one believe he is Stravinsky.

This is the real Igor.

The Real Igor!

And this is Mads.

Mads Mikkelsen

The movie isn’t for the kids, it’s rated R, and the sexual content is “off the chain”!  Seriously, my glasses fogged UP – more than once!

Beautifully filmed with authentic sets and locations, it’s a keeper, almost as good as “The Red Violin”.  Knowing a little French will help.  It’s a date movie, and really a very sad one.  The music alone is worth the eleven bucks! 

The best line from the movie comes as a response from Coco to Mrs. Stravinsky.  Mrs. S:  “You don’t like color, Mlle Chanel?”  Coco:  “Only if it’s black.”

I knew I liked her for a reason!

I put it on the “must see” list fo 2010!

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