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I went to see “The Help” on Saturday.

Go See IT!

I was pleased.

Now, usually when Hollywood gets ahold of a really good book, they screw it UP in a big way.  Take Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil for example.  It was so bad, I was compelled to write Clint Eastwood a letter and ask him to please read anyother book he planned making into a movie.  It was glaringly apparent he’d not read Midnight! 

That movie was a disaster.

Not so with “The Help”.

There were a couple of changes that I wasn’t all that happy with.  Constantine’s story wasn’t brought out correctly, and Cicley Tyson played it like she was back in “Roots”.  And I think Skeeter’s dad was totally miscast.  But, other than that, really not much.

I gave it 2 thumbs UP!

I gave it an A+.

Not that too awful many people care what I think, but I really, really liked it.  As Sally Field would say.

When I heard that Emma (Easy A) Stone was to play Skeeter, I was worried.  Skeeter isn’t at all pretty in the book, but Emma Stone is. 

She was perfect!

And Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of Ron Opie Richie Cunningham Taylor Howard is a great actress.  Either that or she is a terrible person, because she WAS Hilly Holbrook.  And Hilly Holbrook in the book and movie is a major BE-Atch!

Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer killed as Abie and Minny, and brought the characters to life.   If I were part of the Academy, which BTW, I should be, they’d be UP there!

And of course, Sissy Spacek…I don’t know why anyone agrees to be in a movie with her, becasue they pale in comparrison…stole the show!

Go see it.  It has something for everyone.  A great story, joy, humor, sadness, thought provoking dialog that doesn’t get preachy, and even though it’s the “Chick FlicK” of the year, there’s something in it for the guys.

Jessica Chastain,

Too tight, too drunk, too hot!

Jessica Chastian as Celia Foote

and the cars.  OMG, the cars are AWESOME!

Skeeter's Mom's Caddy

As a car nut, and a movie perfection nut (I don’t like to see the mike, think bad editors should be shot, and hate it when things are out of sync) I always look at the cars in a period piece to make sure they’re right.

And they were!

1960 Mercury

So, guys, man UP and take TLW to the movies this weekend, you’ll enjoy it too!  And spring for the big bag of pop-corn!  The light bill can wait!

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