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OK, this is not a recommendation, because this movie is clearly not for everyone.

I went for one reason, and one reason only.

Mila Kunis.

Marvelous Mila!

I loved her as Jackie Burkhart on “That 70’s Show”, as the love interest in “Leaving Sarah Marshall”, and I loved her in this movie too.

You, may not.

She’s the evil one.  Or is she?  I’m just not sure.

The movie, “Black Swan”.

Black Swan

Natalie Portman plays the featured ballerina in “Swan Lake”, and she’s awesome.

Both women are nominated for Golden Globes, and there’s Oscar Buzz aplenty.

Billed as a “wicked psycho-sexual-thriller”, the film is as dark as the name implies, full of seat squirming moments, and one sexual encounter that made me blush!

Yes, I know that defies belief, but trust me! 

The movie is a great movie, well done, great sets, great acting, great costumes, and if you love Swan Lake, a great Swan Lake.

The color palette gives it a dark, dream-like, eerie look.

It’s also a look into the underbelly of the ballet world.

Are they all aneorexic?

And crazy?

For the film, Kunis said,  “…I trained seven days a week, five hours, for five, six months total, and … was put on a very strict diet of 1,200 calories a day.”   She lost 20 pounds from her normal weight of about 117 pounds, and reported that Portman “became smaller than I did.”

I’m so glad Shelby quit after five or six lessons.

Yikes, these people are nutz!

The main character, Nina, played by Portman, has an even crazier mother, played by a not so pretty anymore Barbara Hershey.  Honestly, I’m hoping that was make-UP, and not the way she really looks.

This ain’t no “Beaches”!

The movie includes a “not so sane” Winonna Ryder as well.

She plays the has been.


As to the psycho-sexual part…heavy on the psycho, heavy on the sexual.

And as thrillers go, it’s the top of the heap.

And, it’s very wicked.

So, if you go, you’ve been warned!  You may not like it, but I did.

Oh, and leave the kids at home.

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