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…is coming to an end….Thank Goodness!

I am sure there have been hotter summers in Georgia, but I don’t remember one.  It makes one think!

Some Random Realizations about Summer

  • My gas mileage goes down.
  • Fruit is better.
  • Corn is better.
  • Soup doesn’t taste as good.
  • 80 feels like 60 when it was 95 the day before.
  • TV sucks.
  • The movies are better.
  • Watermelon makes me happy.
  • The electric bill goes UP.
  • Pregnant women look more miserable.
  • Expectant fathers look more anxious.
  • Way too much skin is exposed.
  • The gym is packed.
  • Yardwork is less inviting.
  • Time with friends is better.
  • Picnics aren’t as much fun as they look on TV!
  • Rain is more welcome.
  • If you leave your Bluetooth in the car all day and put it in your ear, you may cuss!

What’s your summer realization?

PS. I’m on the road today…headed to Germantown for my 40th HS reunion, I may be slow to get back to you on comments…but read, comment, make my day!

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