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…is a really great movie with La Liz and Van Johnson.

La Liz and Van!

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must.  You should look it UP!

I never miss an opportunity to mention Liz, but, that’s not what this is about.

We’re talkin’ Paris Hilton here. 

(Work with me people!  Just a bit of trivia, Liz’s first husband Nicky Hilton was Paris’ Great Uncle or Grand Uncle as people are now calling it!  Paris’ Grandfather, Barron Hilton and Nicky were brothers.  So, there’s a connection, like OK?)

Back to Paris, she’s bought a new place.

The Living Room!

A Mini-Mansion, or as we in Atlanta call them, McMansions.

And a new car.

Paris in Her Pepto Bismol Bently, Mary Kay Anyone

And we may have to re-evaluate our opinion of her.

Yes, she’s vain, the place is filled with pictures of herself.

Just in case she forgets who she is.

Yes, she’s still a little skanky looking at times, and yes, she seems to be morally bankrupt, but she’s not as stupid as – well – Jessica Simpson.

She does use the word “like” to much, you know, like, all the time, like in every sentence, and you know, like constantly.

It’s like, annoying.

But, Ms. Hilton has become quite successful.  Assuredly, she comes from money, and probably wouldn’t have made it with out that famous last name. 

But she like, prides herself on the fact that her businesses, and there are more than one, are like, hers.

She signed with Donald Trump’s modeling agency at 15.  She didn’t ask Mummy and Daddy, she just did it.  She has nine (9!) fragrances, nineteen product lines including everything from purses to hair extensions and products and she ahem, ack , acck, “sings” too.  She’s putting out…

…a second album soon.

And she has the new place.

And she’s proud of it.

In Esquire magazine’s May issue, she says, “My house is kind of like a reflection of my life and my accomplishments and what I’ve done.  And I’ve done it all on my own. When my parents and my grandfather came over for the first time, I was so proud. It just feels good to, like, walk around and be like, I earned all this, you know? I see some of my friends I grew up with from rich families. Their parents spoiled them, and they never made them work and just give them an allowance. And now they’re like 30 and still living off the parents, having to ask for everything, being on a budget. It’s nice to feel accomplished and independent. I don’t have to depend on anyone but myself.”

Her grandfather, Barron Hilton is like, a little embarrassed by her behavior, but she’s more famous than any of the rest of them, and may well be like, the most successful of them since, like Great-Grandpa Conrad – you know, like the Hotel Guy!

She’s vain, shallow, and frivilous, but the girl rakes in $10 million a year all on her own.  Hmmmm…and like, quite frankly, I’m pretty impressed!

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