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Redneck Latte Ravings is usually a happy place, today, no so much.

I was not surprised yesterday when the verditcs came out on the Casey Anthony case in Orange County, Florida.

My brother, who is apparently a prophet, told me earlier in the week that the defense had posed enough reasonable doubt to let the mother of Caylee Anthony walk.

And walk she did.

Yeah, I know, she’s still in the slammer for a few days, but when Thursday comes and the judge sets her free, and he will since she’s already served three years, and the charges of which she was convicted carry a year’s stretch each, I’ll possibly be even more angry than I am now.

Granted, I believe in the jury system, granted, I wasn’t there, I don’t know all the facts, and granted, I’ve no proof that the mother of the murdered child did it, but I’m pretty convinced she did.

And frankly, as much as I hate to agree with ANYTHING Nancy Grace or Joy Behar say, I’ll have to agree…justice for Caylee wasn’t done today.

Facts aside, the one thing that bothers me most is that the mother of the murdered child was out partying for 30 or more days while her child lay dead in the woods, or in the trunk of her car, and she didn’t report her missing.

My children never “went missing”, but you can be gaurandamnteed that if one of my kids did go missing, it wouldn’t be 30 minutes before I started calling someone everyone.

Twelve people decided her fate, twelve people decided there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her, twelve people decided that the prosecution hadn’t made it’s case, and twleve people decided that she should go free.

I don’t know what was in their minds, but I’m pretty sure that their heads are empty. 

I do think they should be ashamed, and I, unlike Florida State’s Attorney Lawson Lamar, do judge and do criticize the jury.

They were wrong.

A jury of her peers has said that Casey is not guilty.

No one has said she’s innocent.

There’s a difference.

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