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…on ABC!

ABC’s new Sit-Com, “Better With You” stars two of my favorite actresses. 

Better With You.

Joanna Garcia and Debra Jo Rupp have been gone for a while.

Joanna Garcia

Debra Jo Rupp

I’m sure they’ve been resting on their residuals from “Reba” and “That 70s Show”.

Yes, Cheyenne and Kitty are back!

Not as Cheyenne and Kitty of course.  but the comedic talent of these two funny ladies may save the show all together, at least for me.

The show chronicles the lives of two very different sisters Mia, played by Garcia, and Maddie, played by Jennifer Finnigan.  The sisters are at very different places in their lives, have different attitudes about most everything, and rarely make similar choices.

Maddie has been in a relationship for years and hasn’t married, Mia is jumping into marriage after seven and a half weeks…because she’s in love…and because she’s in the Jenny way preggo expecting knocked-UP!

Maddie, the conservative sister, is appalled!

Mom, played by Debra Jo Rupp, is simply happy there’s going to be a wedding.

The dad, portrayed by Kurt Fuller, is a bit too much of a Red Foreman look-a-like.  He’s fortunate however, because he has some of the best lines.  He’s a Emilyist Grammar Freak, and Maddie’s boyfriend tries to help the new husband to be out by giving him a list of dos and don’ts.

Kurt Fuller

The list, next to the family dinner, is the funniest thing in the show.  “He’s a grammar freak”, and “He gets chatty at the urinal” are the best.

All in all, it’s a good show, not a great show, but one that could have a future and a cult following…but, I’m betting you’d better catch it fast.  It airs on Wednesdays at 8:30 PM.  (That’s tonight!)

Although it should, it won’t last. 

And that’s a sad thing!

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