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…of Windsor would be 124 today. 

Woman of the Year!

Every one in the world owes her a great debt.

She did the world a favor when she bewitched Edward VIII, the King of England and caused him to give UP the throne for the “woman he loved”.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Anyway you look at it, it’s a great love story.  He loved her first, she actually fell in love with him and through drama after drama they stayed together.  Who knows what makes a realtionship work?

Later on, after he’d given UP the throne, and was the Duke of Windsor, he wrote in the New York Times 13 December 1966: “…it was in Britain’s interest and in Europe’s too, that Germany be encouraged to strike east and smash Communism forever … I thought the rest of us could be fence-sitters while the Nazis and the Reds slogged it out.”

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor with Hitler

So, had Edward VIII remained on the throne, and George VI his younger brother not taken over UPon his abidcation, Europe might be quite a different place today.  And really, not for the better.

Vain, selfish, controlling, stylish, and greedy, the American Bessi Wallis Warfield  Spencer Simpson, was born on June 19, 1886 in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania.

She was called Bessiewallis, one word as a child, and dropped the Bessie part as soon as her stylish mind figured out it was as country as corn.

The twice married Wallis landed in England with her husband and somehow managed to get into the Prince of Wales set.  She agreed to “watch over him” when his girlfriend, Lady Furness went away, and ended UP stealing his heart.

He fell so hard for her, that he abdicated the throne and married her.  He showered her with gifts, jewelry, and money.  They lived a long, complicated life until he died in 1972.

Rumors abounded; affairs, abortions, sexual escapades, you name it!  Much of it hearsay, unfounded, untrue, and malicious.  Some of it true.

Of course, Wallis had her say as well.  She wrote a book.

Author Charles Higham of the book, “facts were remorselessly rearranged in what amounted to a self-performed face-lift … reflecting in abundance its author’s politically misguided but winning and desirable personality.” He describes the Duchess as “charismatic, electric and compulsively ambitious”.

So, who knows?  Was she bad?  Was she good?

It doesn’t matter, she saved England from sitting on the fence in WW II  by taking the man off the throne who would have done so.

The Duchess!

Thanks, Wallis, and Happy Birthday…where ever you are!

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