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Today is the first day of Autumn and I’m reminded that I’ve always loved the season.  It isn’t just the color.  There are the holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving.  There’s Football!  Christmas shopping.  Getting together with friends.  Early darkness, and extra hour of sleep, and quiet nights at home reading…it’s a good season.

But I do love the trees, and the colors they make.

Even if I don’t like raking them!

And looking back, I’ve always loved trees, leaves, and the colors of Fall.

When I was six years old, we had just moved into our house on Pollyanna Avenue.  Mother and Daddy still live there.

There was a Maple tree in the front yard, and I took two of the helicoptors from it and simply stuck them in the ground next to the house. 

Maple Helicopters

Everyone told me nothing would happen.

But it did, they sprouted, grew, and Daddy moved them to the back yard.

Well, this is what was there 25 or so years later.

The trees in 1988

Much has changed since this picture.  One of the trees recently died and had to be removed; a little piece of my history gone.  A garage has been added behind the trees making the yard look much smaller.  It used to take forever to mow!

But, I never see a Maple tree that I don’t remember just sticking the helicopters into the ground and letting nature take it from there.  And even  though the beautiful reds, browns, and golds of Autumn forewarn us of the harsh Winter to come, we know that falling leaves, are only making way for the new ones that will revive us in Spring and shade us in Summer.

What’s your Autum story?

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