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A juror who contacted a defendant through the Facebook, and caused a multi-million pound trial to collapse, was jailed for eight monhts starting Thursday.

Forty-year-old Joanne Frail says she communicated with defendant Jamie Sewart because she saw “considerable parallels” between their lives. Frail also admitted to looking up the defendant’s boyfriend while the jury was still in the deliberation process.

Ms. Frail arrives at court.

 According to this dude…

The Lord Chief Justice

“…Whether you communicate by Facebook, whether  you research on the internet, whether you talk over your garden fence…you must understand when you take an oath as a member of a jury, when  you disobey that oath…and it is discovered, you may well be held in comtempt.”

The Buzz Kill went on to say, ” …One doesn’t need to get too hung UP about the magic of the internet. Jurors have been able to gossip with their neighbors, be influenced by their friends and go to the public library to look things UP.”

I agreed with him until he started in on the magic of the internet!

And eventhough I feel badly for her…and I’m not even sure why, Ms. Frail is the Ass Of  The Week!

Everybody knows you don’t mess with the defendant while you’re on a jury!  And sadly enough, both of them are having worse hair days than I’ve ever had!

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