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…isn’t just a great Lynyrd Skynryd song, it’s a problem for some nude sunbathers in…where else…California.

Orange County, California nudists are pretty steamed about the stench of some new “garbage” on the beach.


Apparently, when a sea lion or two died and washed up on the beach, the county park rangers decided to give them a Christian burial – on the Nude Section of the beach. 

San Onofre Beach for those of you who might be intersted. 


(Hey, do I know my readers or what?)

The carcass (park officials say there is only one, others say two or three) is intered near Trail # 6. 

Trail # 6 USED to be the area where some folks took “clothing optional” to the Nth degree.  But, park officials cracked down on the sunbathers and made it a “crack free zone.”

One naturist says the dead animal’s fin sticks up out of the sand near the volleyball court.   And the volleyball court was pretty popular with the in the buff sunworshipers.

Ok, Nude Volley Ball is just WRONG.

Too many things to bounce, too many things to hurt.


Since many folks like to strip down and grease up and soak up a few all over rays, the Park Rangers have ruined their fun. 

The un-named naturalist says, ‘the stench is keeping people away.’


Imagine that.

Park officials said that they had to remove the carcass from where it was to avoid “erosion and health problems”. 

Again, Really?

They also said they were not “trying to offend or inconvenience anyone”.

The sun bathers say they aren’t trying to offend or inconvenience anyone either.  I suppose it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

I was just wondering, isn’t there a dumpster or incinerator in California?

Maybe not, budget cuts and all.

Well, at least they’re not out of shovels.  And for those of you who are interested, there’s always San Gregorio Beach up by the San Francisco Area.


Seems they might be just a tad more accepting up there!!

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