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…is costing one woman millions.

Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva, a Spanish Duchess is giving away her fortune so that she can “marry the man she loves”.  

She’s 85, how much cash does she really need?

She’s the Duchess of Alba, Maria, and is the most titled person on earth, with dukedoms, countships, viscounties, baronies, and manorials galore.  A descendant of King James VII of Scotland and a distant cousin of Winston Churchill, the duchess can trace her family tree back farther than most Europeans.

She plans to wed Antonio Diez as soon as the cash transfer to her children takes place.

The kids, all six of them, think the new hubby-2-be is an oro digging hijo de una puta, and are none to happy about the UPcoming day of bliss.  Rumor has it that the duchess does not speak often with ther children, but prefers to communicate through friends. 

Hmmm. Nice bunch.

Seems Mummy just won’t listen!

So, to shut them UP, she’s paying them off er, giving them her fortune.  Bear in mind she’s already given each of them their own palace, and the “wealthiest woman in Spain” just wants to be with the man she loves.

The Duchess has been married twice before, all six of the kids are from hubs # uno, The Duke of Sotomayor (no relation to the the Supreme Court Justice), who died in 1972.  Her second husband, died in 2001 after 23 years of marriage.  He was a former Jesuit priest who dropped the cloth to marry the duchess.  No one was happy about that marriage either.  Not, as one might think, because he was a self-defrocked priest, but because he was illegitimate! 

Fussy crowd those Albas.

Talking about giving things UP for love, his eternal soul and vocation were on the chopping block when he trotted down the aisle.

His name was Jesus, BTW, imagine that?  Jesus Aguirre y Ortiz de Zarate to be exact, traded in the monastic life for one of wedded bliss, and nearly 5 billion dollars.

The duchess likes to make a point of letting people know that she’s outlived her husbands, while her children are all divorced. 

The new guy, Antonio Diez is a civil servant who also runs a public relations firm.  Since the Duchess is a pretty popular celeb in Spain, all Iberia is in a dither.  Even the King chimed in.   He’s anti.  The house of Alba, of which she’s the 18th Duchess, says the groom is “gay”, a claim the groom denies.  He denied the rumors, of course!

I guess we Americans aren’t the only ones who love a good scandal. 

The wedding is soon, very soon, but it’s not a rush job, afterall the bride’s not preggers or anything, just in love. 

No one’s saying if the family will show for the bash, they might just be too busy counting the cash. 

Oh, yeah, she has eight grand-kids as well, and to shut them UP she gave each of them a palace too. 

Who says the real-estate market is bad?

As to the current groom, Antonio has been a friend of the duchess for “quite some time”, and one friend says they are really, truly in love.

We’ll see how long that lasts now that she’s “cash strapped”.

I’m pretty mercenary, and  I wouldn’t marry an 85 year old for money!  At least I think I wouldn’t.

No one’s talking about the wedding dress, I don’t know if the British Royals will be there, and I for darn sure don’t know who’s going to do her hair for the ceremony. 

The Groom and his Bride.

I’m just hoping it’s not the guy who did this!

BTW, here’s a news clip from Newsy, provided by Molly.  It tells the REAL story!

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